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The search targeted poets who should (a) show documented interest in concreteness and (b) share thematic and formal traits with Transtromer.
117) The majority continued with a one paragraph explanation of concreteness, pointing to the Black's Law Dictionary definition.
In the context-availability model, a single semantic system is proposed to explain the concreteness effect (Schwanenflugel, Harnishfeger, & Stowe, 1988).
Concreteness abounds in six of Nadler's eight chapters.
We investigated the contribution of semantic relatedness to affective priming and we tested, for the first time, whether affective and semantic priming effects can be modulated by words' concreteness.
The purpose of the current experiment is to investigate the potential effect of word concreteness on the rate of tip-of-the-tongue experiences (TOTs), in addition to replicating word-frequency effects reported in the literature.
Islamabad, June 29 ( ANI ): The military establishment in Pakistan must wake up to the real dangers of courting the Tehreek-e-Taliban, before the entire country is swept up in a river of blood due to misplaced concreteness in the country's policy, said an editorial in a Pakistani daily.
Such a goal has been achieved with concreteness and commitment, which is a further drive for the Bolog- naFiere project to restart from this edition to strengthen its position as the largest international platform of the cosmetic and wellness industry and to give an even stronger support to the Made in Italy products.
Most of Transtroemer's poetry collections are characterized by economy, concreteness and poignant metaphors.
The report drawn up by Socialist Olle Ludvigsson (Sweden) also denounces the limited ambition of the national reform plans, whose "quality under the first European semester varies greatly regarding concreteness, feasibility and comprehensiveness".
An example of the fallacy of misplaced concreteness, that view flies in the face of a basic rule of historiography, a rule that holds that past records must stand on the terms that were agreed on at the time the record was set.
The sources of interest in texts have been found to be novelty of content, unexpected or surprising information, concreteness, visual imagery, ease of comprehension, text cohesion, vividness, personal engagement, etc.