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Most of the concrete of the Capitol Buildings is generally in remarkable condition, perhaps a testament to the dedication and extended site presence of many of the architectural team during construction, and the pride with which the buildings were made.
In the city's commercial centre (Sector 17), four-storey buildings are showing signs of widespread concrete decay.
The RCPT method, in most cases, is suitable for evaluation of materials and additives for the mix design of regular- or high-performance concretes, as well as for testing the permeability of cores taken from in-place concrete.
Several States, including Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Texas, have adopted maturity as a technique to determine the in-place strength of new concretes in projects that call for early opening to traffic.
Concrete is a heterogeneous material with a high strength, and it also possesses a good versatility and relatively low cost, which makes concrete a man-made building material all over the world [1,2].
The steel is in a state of passivation in reinforced concrete when the interior of concrete is kept in a high alkaline environment (pH 12.
one reference mix concrete denoted by CR and three ceramic mix concretes denoted by CB.
In Ceramic Waste Concretes fine aggregate was replaced with the fine ceramic aggregate by 10% 15% and 20% by weight to prepare three types of concretes CC-10 CC-15 and CC-20 respectively.
According to Shayan and Xu (2003), the use of RCA in high-strength and high-performance structural concretes is possible with the addition of silica fume and through proper mix design and quality control.
Levy and Helene (2004) made grade 20 to 40 concretes and showed that at 20% replacement of RCA, the total porosity was lower than that of the control concrete with NCA, as shown in Figure 5.
Review and forecast data is included for categories of the concrete and cement market like cement clinker, factory-made mortars, portland cement, refractory cements, mortars & concretes, other hydraulic cements, ready-mixed concrete and prefabricated structural components.
The control concrete specimens show a higher macrocell current in all the grade concretes after six wetting and drying cycles of exposure but beyond five cycles a sharp rise in macrocell current is observed in all the control concrete specimens and shows the active condition of the rebar.