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The associated skeletal elements are preserved in a calcareous concretion, and were initially prepared by etching in a weak (5%) acetic acid solution to expose gill rakers and calcified vertebral cartilages.
As concretion comes away, the revealed wood and metal must be chemically treated to avoid further corrosion.
Some concretions constantly are sprayed with water to preserve the artifacts within; others rest inside water tanks.
In some cases, the original object decayed completely while the concretion that formed around it remained.
The charity even has an intensive course on how to deal with dust, which enables staff and volunteers to compare strategies and share any problems they may have if they should be unfortunate enough to discover concretion (that age-old problem of when humidity turns dust into grey liquid matter).
At the same time, the concretion of specific plans to improve the juridical security and thereby maintain the rule of law is indispensable.
If you go there independently, the tours (EUR7) are in Italian, so you may miss the finer points of Palaeolithic concretion of aragonite.
How in each case can the right combination of firm rootage and openness, of concretion and universalism, be found?
Philanthropy is a "thing of Concretion," and the process of concretion depends on the rolling energy generated by the "home-born Feeling" at the center of the ball.
In a few places the grooves deviate around an obstruction, such as a possible concretion now gone (Fig.
Like most shipwreck artifacts, the cannons were found covered with a grayish concretion, an inch-thick, rock-hard crust of sand, salt, and calcium carbonate, a chemical compound found in seashells.
Arion has no grasp of abstraction; his life is a concretion of concretes, for him like the images of a book.