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These concretions were then exhumed by erosion to be exposed on the seabed today, she added.
The membrane-bound calcareous concretion fills most of the cell, and lithocytes are tightly packed together in the statolith (Tamm, 1982).
advances the themes of his early dissertations--on the sociality of the church and the concreteness of revelation--toward his life-long concern for ethics, which he defines here as "the principle of concretion of the general call to obedience" (244).
Tardy Y, Nahon D (1985) Geochemistry of laterites, stability of Al-goethite, A1-hematite and Fe-kaolinite in bauxites and ferricretes: an approach to the mechanism of concretion formation.
Figure 3 demonstrates a conventional abdominal radiograph of the patient described in this case revealing a 6-7 mm radio-dense concretion in the right ureter (Arrow A).
In chapters six and seven, "The Orang Laut and the Malayu" and "The Orang Asli/Suku Terasing and the Malayu," Andaya argues that ethnicization arose from their highly valued roles to the Malayu rulers as defenders of the jungle and sea routes and as suppliers of sea and forest resources, including such exotic items as "dragon's blood," a red dye, and bezoar stone, "a concretion in the stomach of certain animals," used for medicinal purposes (221).
Though this kind of holism represents a departure from Hegel's understanding of the concrete universal, there are important similarities between Hegel and the British Idealist in that both use the concrete universal to show that, as Greene puts it, the process of thought is one of concretion rather than abstraction.
After soaking the cannons to remove corrosive salts, lab workers began removing the concretion, eventually revealing the wood base and metal barrel of one of the cannons.
Bezoars are concretion of ingested materials that are unable to exit through pylorus.
Some are surprised to learn that what they thought was an artifact is not, but instead a geological oddity, like a mineralized concretion.
The engine and the turret had significant corrosion damage, concretion from 140 years of marine growth, and sedimentation which covered all of the components and filled the turret with seven feet of coal and sand.
Some of these methodologies can be considered of general application and, therefore, they lack of concretion and are vague, while others are for application in a low-level and their concretion is clearer.