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Now we must remember that Isaac loved and favored Esau as Rebecca loved and favored Jacob, and here the old Patriarch was blinded by his own concupiscence because his son Esau provided him with savory meat.
The Harvard Committee for the Definition of Death, although ostensibly formed to resolve the problem of sustaining organic life with technological means, was in fact motivated by the concupiscence of surgeons to pursue their experiments with organ transplantation, a pursuit that required the harvesting of organs free from legal liability and ethical taint.
Concupiscence was a dark drive to control, to appropriate, and to turn to one's private ends, all the good things that had been created by God to be accepted with gratitude and shared with others.
17] The character begs to be taken allegorically: in a Western morality play, this villain with his wondrous priapism might have been called "Carnal Concupiscence.
If the cherubs who surround the Sable Venus hint at the monk's concupiscence, they also allude to a specific work which names the "Sable Venus" as its subject, illustrated in Figure 6.
Self-indulgence, concupiscence, and sexual fantasy liberate the authentic self, as do art and literature.
The Madonnas of the Middle Ages, endlessly painted, sculptured, celebrated in verse and prose and plainsong, are glowingly alive without being involved in our human concupiscence.
But let no one imagine God for himself in keeping with the concupiscence of his eyes.
1) Because the demons' sins are at first physical in nature, then intellectual, and finally prideful, their ordering bears some resemblance to the triadic sins of I John 2:16: concupiscence of the flesh, concupiscence of the eyes.
This book points out that chastity frees man from the tyranny of concupiscence.
As grace informs the soul, it begins in the individual the reversal of the concupiscence that leads human intelligence and decisions toward sin, and thus it enters into individual historical events and affects the conditions of human solidarity or the community of mankind.
The scapegoating mechanism channels the sins of concupiscence, self-righteousness, and murder into a culture-creating, disorder-dispelling, and salvation-offering communal ritual.