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All these facts are well known, not least, alas, because modern cinema has made a lovable playboy out of this monster of the concupiscent appetites.
Other efforts by Jose Arcadio's descendents such as the riverboat that Jose Arcadio Segundo brings also transforms the promise of modernity to a wonder that is domesticated into a carnival of concupiscent delights.
24) In fact, the instinctual and deficient intellectual characteristics of the sins of the concupiscent appetite punished in upper Hell ethically correspond to the world-wide state of linguistic confusion that initially resulted from Babel.
emphasize the concupiscent nature of Troilus and Criseyde's love,
9) Thus, natural human beings are concupiscent and enemies of God who have lost the freedom of the will and the image of God.
In these aspects he is the same allegorical figure of the concupiscent man that Robertson identifies--all of which Chaucer affirms.
In the Allegoria the irascible is presented not only as an aid to the intellect, but also as the faculty that can keep the concupiscent faculty in check.
Perhaps she--like Muzquiz and Lopez-Crozet--understands that the obsessively manicured cultivation of persona may yet promise a certain freedom before the concupiscent void of pop culture.
He knows the true worth of his birthright, which arguably is the very ascent of man from the primitive to the civilized, and such a birthright could not possibly pass to such as the emotive and concupiscent Esau.
This concupiscent desire requires taming and discipline, however, for without asking ourselves about what and how much to consume, and why this desire may spawn greed, avarice, and envy.
This version of Carmen was particularly concupiscent, mean-spirited, and egocentric.
our televisual marketplace is a 24-hour carnival, a showplace of transgression and inversion of values, of humiliated patriarchs and shocked puritans, of screaming guitars and concupiscent youth.