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With Extreme's software-driven networking solutions, Concurrency was able to analyze both wired and wireless traffic, enabling the small IT team to resolve network issues in real time.
Whilst it is acknowledged that the reference below to common law authorities which deal with the subject of concurrency and other time related issues are not binding in the UAE (for example the prevention principle[8]), it is suggested that the principles laid down by these authorities may offer some guidance on how the international construction community may deal with the issue of delays in general and, in particular, concurrency.
The use of concurrency in the Joint Strike Fighter program has caused untold damage in time and money, Kendall said.
Thus, in a zero-risk world we would say programs have zero overlap, or concurrency, and virtually no production risk.
International Conference on Application of Concurrency to System Design (10th: 2010: Braga, Portugal) Ed.
Concurrency is still commonly cited as a driver of program cost and schedule growth, and the debate on just how much concurrency a program can experience before significant cost increase is incurred rages on.
Some 812 participants at study sites in Los Angeles completed the expanded questionnaire; researchers analyzed data from this group to explore associations between concurrency and high-risk HPV.
Proponents of the concurrency thesis argue that the critics' analysis of the data is selective, that evidence from a wide range of sources supports the thesis, and that it would be irresponsible for prevention programmes in Africa to ignore this issue.
The Multimodal Transportation Concurrency Program is designed to help Bellingham achieve comprehensive plan goals directing growth to urban villages and to complete sidewalks and bicycle lanes throughout the city.
But the evidence that concurrency is a major factor is very weak," said epidemiologist Mark Lurie, assistant professor community health and medicine.
Transportation Concurrency Exception Areas (TCEAs): The act creates TCEAs for municipalities that are DULAs, urban service areas, and large counties that are DULAs but do not have urban service areas (except Miami-Dade and Broward counties).