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She says that concurrency is not a risk for the person who has more than one partner, but a risk for that person's partners.
They drew their conclusion by looking at previous studies that examined concurrency in any way.
Transportation Methodologies: For those developments that will continue to be subject to DRI and concurrency review, the same levels of service must apply to both.
The main problem is to solve the unusual concurrency exception that occurs in the case of a single disconnected data access (for update/delete one or more rows a of database's table).
Females were no better at predicting their partners' concurrency; girls tended to underestimate their partners' concurrency.
MySQL now includes the ACID-compliant InnoDB transactional storage engine, which is designed for very high performance and scalability when processing large data volumes and under high concurrency.
Although they do provide the required concurrency and switch services, these Backbone Switches have proven to be extremely problematic and costly to implement.
Land vacant and available to be developed to its highest and best use without any concurrency restrictions
Concurrency also won Midwest Area Partner of the Year for 2011.
Perforce has said it is introducing concurrency technology into its p4d versioning engine.
C++ concurrency in action; practical multithreading.
3) Evidence from numerous sources and disciplines shows that these high concurrency rates are a key factor in driving high HIV transmission rates in southern and eastern Africa.