concurrent effort

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Mr Owen added that, while the industry needs different types of contracts to cope with marketplace volatility, there must also be a concurrent effort to increase transparency and proper policing in the UK supply chain.
In order for the Air Force to become a true air, space, and cyberspace force, Cyber Command's development must be accompanied by a concurrent effort to prepare our AOCs to command and control cyberpower.
As a concurrent effort with the development of SAM-OC, DISAM has retooled the distance learning portion of its website.
In a concurrent effort, news of the association and its activities were also promoted through public relations efforts and resulted in items published nationally by the Associated Press and in many major newspapers and magazines nationally including the NEW YORK TIMES, LOS ANGELES TIMES, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, HISPANIC MAGAZINE, CALIFORNIA GROCERS JOURNAL, TEXAS MONTHLY.
We propose to develop new, ground-braking reasoning and testing technology for this kind of software,with the goal of cutting the staff effort in QA of concurrent effort in half.
However, for now, this appears to be off the table, as concurrent efforts to turn the insurgency against Al-Qaeda elements continue.
With the 2030 Agenda and the concurrent efforts of the United Nations Environment Assembly and the International Law Commission, we have a range of important tools at our disposal," he said.
in preventing concussion injuries) unless such a ban is combined with concurrent efforts to reduce athlete-athlete contact throughout the game," Dr.
This new Municipal Leadership for Healthy Southern Cities initiative will consist of two concurrent efforts.
Sinno's analysis of the current coalition strategy in Afghanistan shows that ignorance of the dynamics of Afghan organizations between 1994 and 2001 has led to a flawed ethnic-based strategy of "divide and conquer" to defeat the insurgency that directly counters the concurrent efforts to build a civic nationalist base of support for the Karzai government.

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