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In order for the Air Force to become a true air, space, and cyberspace force, Cyber Command's development must be accompanied by a concurrent effort to prepare our AOCs to command and control cyberpower.
As a concurrent effort with the development of SAM-OC, DISAM has retooled the distance learning portion of its website.
In a concurrent effort, news of the association and its activities were also promoted through public relations efforts and resulted in items published nationally by the Associated Press and in many major newspapers and magazines nationally including the NEW YORK TIMES, LOS ANGELES TIMES, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, HISPANIC MAGAZINE, CALIFORNIA GROCERS JOURNAL, TEXAS MONTHLY.
Finally, why is there is no concurrent effort or legislation to strengthen the anemic federal standards?
ARV has filed this action because the highly conditional nature of the Emeritus Offer and Emeritus's concurrent effort to secure sufficient proxies to gain control of ARV threaten serious harm to ARV and its shareholders.
As a result, the Consortium's diabetes research studies may be some of the comprehensive concurrent efforts undertaken in years.
wet" infrastructure pipe networks) as resources become available be use-case driven be based on a UML conceptual model developed prior to any encoding, such as GML have more up-to-date functionality be synchronized with the concurrent efforts by buildingSMART International in their development of Infrastructure-based Industry Foundation Classes (IFCs), and be more easily integrated with TransXML and OGC CityGML.
This new Municipal Leadership for Healthy Southern Cities initiative will consist of two concurrent efforts.
Sinno's analysis of the current coalition strategy in Afghanistan shows that ignorance of the dynamics of Afghan organizations between 1994 and 2001 has led to a flawed ethnic-based strategy of "divide and conquer" to defeat the insurgency that directly counters the concurrent efforts to build a civic nationalist base of support for the Karzai government.
HR's Executive Office's concurrent efforts to enhance HR Online is a key element to harnessing new technology for the specific needs of the Department and its employees.
Few then, or since, have thought to contextualize her '60s paintings with concurrent efforts by Robert Irwin, Jo Baer, Bridget Riley, and perhaps Josef Albers, as well as Reinhardt, all of whom investigated a phenomenologically grounded perception through the construction of a de-differentiated spatial field premised on the grid.
Because resources typically permit only two to three concurrent efforts, an analysis of the plan's referral costs was performed in order to prioritize the sequence of specialties to be targeted in the project.

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