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Simultaneous; converging; of equal or joint authority.

Concurrent estates is a term used in Property Law to describe ownership of, or possessory interest in, a piece of property by two or more people jointly, such as a Joint Tenancy or Tenancy in Common.

Concurrent power is the authority of Congress and the state legislatures to make laws on the same subject matter while working independently of one another.

Concurrent negligence involves the negligent acts of at least two people that, although they might not have occurred at exactly the same moment, produce a single, indivisible injury.

Concurrent sentences are two or more prison terms to be served simultaneously, one of which might be longer than the others. The prisoner is entitled to be discharged after the longest of the terms is served.


(At the same time), adjective associated, at the same instant, attendant, attending, coacting, coactive, coetaneous, coeval, coexistent, coincident, coinstantaneous, collateral, concerted, conjunctive, contemporaneous, contemporary, convergent, converging, coupled, occurring at the same time, parallel, synchronal, synchronistic, synchronistical, synchronous
Associated concepts: concurrent actions, concurrent finddngs, concurrent legislation, concurrent remedies, concurrent sentences, concurrent stipulations


(United), adjective abetting, acquiescent, acting in conjunction, agreeing, allied, amalgamated, assenting, associating, banded together, binding, blended, bonded, cemented, centralized, coacting, coactive, coalitional, collaborative, combinative, combined, common, communal, commutual, compatible, complementary, concerted, concordant, concurring, confederated, conjoined, connected, consentaneous, consonant, contributing, cooperative, coupled, coworking, en rapport, fused, harmonizing, in accord, in agreement, in unison, interallied, joined, joint, leagued, linked, meeting, merged, of one accord, paired, shared, synergic, undivided, unified, united, wedded, well-matched
See also: accompanying, coextensive, cognate, coincidental, collateral, collective, commensurable, concerted, concomitant, concordant, congruous, conjoint, consensual, consonant, contemporaneous, corporate, correlative, current, joint, mutual, reciprocal, simultaneous, synergetic

CONCURRENT. Running together; having the same authority; thus we say a concurrent consideration occurs in the case of mutual promises; such and such a court have concurrent jurisdiction; that is, each has the same jurisdiction.

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While held concurrently with SEMICON West and Intersolar 2015, the event is not affiliated with the show.
On charges five and six he was given a sentence of 21 months for each, also to be served concurrently.
Married father-of-five Abdul Rauf, 43, of Darley Road, Rochdale, was jailed for six years for conspiracy and six years, concurrently, for trafficking for sexual exploitation.
Adil Khan, 42, was given eight years for conspiracy and eight years, concurrently, for trafficking for sexual exploitation, the report said.
Abdul Rauf, 43: Six years for conspiracy and six years, concurrently, for trafficking for sexual exploitation.
Iqbal received a five-year sentence after pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and being concerned in the supply of cocaine, for which he received a further three years to run concurrently.
It requires a business purchaser (as opposed to simply a purchaser, under the original version) that is not a holder of a direct-pay permit and knows at the time of its purchase of a digital good, computer software or a service that it will be concurrently available for use in more than one jurisdiction, to deliver to the seller an "exemption certificate claiming MPU" While current SSUTA Section 312 requires delivery of an MPU exemption form only for computer software delivered electronically, the revised version also applies to computer software delivered by "load and leave" or in tangible form.
Ever since, its display space and reputation have grown concurrently.
As in the past, GIFA and NEWCAST will be held concurrently with two industry related trade fairs: METEC 2007, International Metallurgical Technology Trade Fair and Congress, and THERMPROCESS 2007, International Trade Fair and Symposium for Thermo Process Technology.
44 percent issued a cash flow statement concurrently with quarterly earnings statement, no change from the previous quarter.
A shared data cluster requires shared volume and file system software that can ensure the file system integrity when multiple nodes access that data concurrently.