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Concursus refers to the interplay between divine and human agency.
Remove this key position and it becomes impossible to reconcile human instrumentality with human freedom: one can posit a praedeterminatio physica to save instrumentality, or one can posit a concursus indifferens to save self-determination; one cannot have a bit of both the antecedents and the whole of both the consequents.
De altera vero motione procedit proprie difficultas quam tractamus; nam ilia est qua per se et essentialiter pendet actio causae secundae a prima; et, ut dixi, non est aliud quam ipse concursus Dei, de quo cur motio dicatur, dicemus inferius et tractando de dependentia causa secunda a prima in operando.
176) In addition, LLMC preserves the procedure of concursus that can be used to prevent a rush to individual litigation and inequitable outcomes amongst multiple litigants.
This case arose as a concursus proceeding to determine who was entitled to receive oil royalty payments.
Carl-Friedrich Stuckenberg, Book Note, A Cure for Concursus Delictorum in International Criminal Law?
o perdao, a confusio, o concursus causarum lucrativarum, a circunstancia de se tornar impossivel a coisa por se converter em res publica ou em res sacra, etc.
145) Indeed, it seems difficult to conceive of a way the benefit of the Limitation Act-limiting liability to the value of the vessel--could be achieved without the concursus proceeding, which ensures all claims against the vessel are heard at once.
the application of lex fori concursus occurs in cases involving rights
Est ergo Deus causa gubernans et ordinans: et eius concursus est gubernatio et prouidentia que nihil contingenter et indeterminate agit, sed omnia ex certo iudicio" (Soto: ibid.
Pracbent enim primum ambigendi materiam, turn litigandi disceptandique copias ad quae fit multorum concursus.