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CONCUSSION, civ. law. The unlawful forcing of another by threats of violence to give something of value. It differs from robbery in this, that in robbery the thing is taken by force, while in concussion it is obtained by threatened violence. Hein. Lec. El, Sec. 1071

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The researchers found that compared with controls, and relative to preinjury and other postinjury visits, IL-6 and IL-1RA were significantly elevated in concussed athletes at six hours.
To find out more, researchers from the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee studied concussed football players with arterial spin labeling, an advanced MRI method that detects blood flow in the brain.
Furthermore, in order to investigate whether players reporting a history of concussion differed from those reporting no history of concussion with regard to their concussion knowledge, frequencies were also calculated for the previously concussed and previously non-concussed participants separately.
There is absolutely no point in sending a concussed player back on to the pitch, because they are not going to contribute to the game.
Lawes has been concussed on multiple occasions and the Northampton lock revealed the "splitting headache" he felt after the New Zealand game had cleared up by the following day.
Dr Adrian McGoldrick, chief medical officer to the Turf Club, said yesterday: "Ryan was quite badly concussed but he was stable when I spoke to the hospital this morning and he will be checked later today before they decide whether he can be released and allowed home.
"e man had sustained a head injury and was concussed. In addition he had a possible internal injury and pain in both elbows.
The Leinster star, who got the crucial second half try, appeared concussed, but O'Connor believes he'll be OK for Sunday's Toulon clash.
Everton had Scotland forward Steven Naismith to thank for firing his side into the next round after a crunching tackle from Jordi Amat left him concussed, reports the Daily Star.
Livingston ............0 Morton ..................1 Morton bagged a first win under Kenny Shiels despite playing for 60 minutes without keeper Nico Caraux who was concussed after a clash with Mark Burchill.
It is important that young concussed athletes have adequate rest and also avoid environments or activities where there is a high likelihood of re-injury early after a concussive injury has occurred.
JACQUELINE COWARD was said to be badly concussed but stable after suffering a crashing fall in the back straight from the Donald McCain-trained favourite Ras Laffan in the opening Home-Tek Lady Riders' Selling Handicap Hurdle at Catterick yesterday.