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To find out more, researchers from the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee studied concussed football players with arterial spin labeling, an advanced MRI method that detects blood flow in the brain.
It was just after the France game, there wasn't one incident where I was dizzy or concussed, but after the game I just didn't feel quite right," he said.
There is absolutely no point in sending a concussed player back on to the pitch, because they are not going to contribute to the game.
There's always doubt because you have to pass the CogSport test and you never truly know until you've done that, but I knew that I didn't get knocked out and concussed as badly as I have done in the past.
David Splaine, who was mildly concussed in a fall in a handicap hurdle on the same card, was stood down for six days in accordance with regular procedure.
Nico is concussed, it didn't look anything serious but we didn't want to take a risk.
But clerk of the course Fiona Needham said: "She's quite badly concussed and has dislocated her shoulder, but she is stable.
I suspect it could be a smokescreen for the fact that Ronan O'Gara was actually concussed, and he'd therefore miss the final match of the Championship.
Headache, seen in up to 85% of concussed athletes, is the most common symptom.
We're going to have to go back to the drawing board as to how to be able to discern whether a child has been concussed.
The light is so blinding and the terrain so dramatic that the visitors amble about as if concussed.
Concussed Cinders and her shell-shocked flyer meet in their dreams in a haunted ballroom, where she is transformed into a Princess Di siren.