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CONCUSSION, civ. law. The unlawful forcing of another by threats of violence to give something of value. It differs from robbery in this, that in robbery the thing is taken by force, while in concussion it is obtained by threatened violence. Hein. Lec. El, Sec. 1071

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Other changes to the law require MDHHS to periodically review its concussion awareness training program and make recommendations regarding its frequency.
In a study published in the January issue of APHA's American Journal of Public Health, researchers found that concussion rates during gym classes were 60 percent higher than they were during extracurricular sports, according to self-reporting from athletic directors and trainers in 147 New Mexico middle and high schools.
Sydney: Cricketers are being put at risk because the sport is failing to protect them adequately from concussion, the former Australian team doctor has warned.
3) for girls returning to same-day play, compared with boys who sustained a concussion.
Aspetar - the orthopaedic sports medicine hospital in Qatar - organised the first concussion symposium in the Middle East, titled 'Aspetar Sport Related Concussion Workshop for Healthcare Providers' on Thursday, 14 September.
Investigators from Penn State College of Medicine presented an abstract of the study "Peripheral microRNA patterns predict prolonged concussion symptoms in pediatric patients" at the conference.
While it's not a secret that NFL athletes suffer from concussions, Brady was not included on the NFL injury list for a concussion once in 2016.
As children and adolescents have less cognitive reserve (a resistance to brain damage) than adults, a concussion may cause a greater risk for more severe symptoms, including headaches, memory loss, confusion and dizziness, and a prolonged recovery.
Conclusion: The results from this survey show that the concussion knowledge among Canadian fourth year chiropractic interns and specialty college residents compares favorably with the knowledge of fourth year medical students and residents in diagnosing and managing concussions.
The book covers the effects of concussions, the aftereffects of concussions, the concussion team model, concussion assessment, recovery and return to athletics and academics, adjustments to the school environment, and prevention and training over the course of seven chapters.
1 Ever since the discovery of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, global awareness and research on sports related concussion (SRC) have increased several fold and the Center of Disease control have labelled it a silent epidemic with estimated 1.
Concussion is a form of traumatic brain injury (TBI), which impacts the pediatric population.