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But ECT would be contraindicated for a patient suffering, as Hemingway suffered, from a dementia caused by alcoholism, concussive trauma, and vascular injury.
Chronic traumatic encephalopathy: neurodegenera tion following repetitive concussive and subconcussive brain trauma.
Tator is negligent for failing to acknowledge such a rule and for not warning about the risks of multiple sub-concussive and concussive blows to the head.
A subset of concussive patients will be overstimulated by light and sound, "so it's important to ask about that and make adjustments in the school day," she said.
The pathology of that is better classified as dementia pugilistica and we kind of assumed it was only boxing related and you had to be exposed to a lot of concussive injuries.
Turning nearly every scene into a blood-soaked melee, "Your Time is Up" is a concussive Viewing experience.
This means I will give him a nice, slow, concussive beating.
Summary: David Haye has vowed to inflict a "slow, concussive beating" on Dereck Chisora after their all-British grudge match was confirmed.
Army veterans, active-duty and reserve-component soldiers who were denied Purple Heart awards for concussive or mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBIs), are encouraged to resubmit documentation for reconsideration of the medal.
There is no way to predict the course of a concussive injury.
One recent study showed greater reduction in neurological activity among persons with two concussions, with reduced time between concussive events acting as an important mediator [16].
IMAGINE MISSING AN ENTIRE ARMED RAID, complete with machine guns, bazookas, mortars, explosions, screams, raging fires, and the rescue of more than 500 POWs--while sitting right in the middle of the whole concussive event.