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This is very condemnable and sad that some people are showing concern towards them, as in Myanmar many innocent Hindus were killed brutally, and it was also found that they (Rohingyas) have a link with terrorist organizations," Chief Minister Adityanath told ANI in an exclusive interview.
Federal Minister has said that Sindh Government should activate her administration to improve the law and order situation in the province and the responsible people for that condemnable incident should be brought to justice according to law.
Unfortunately, in India we start making below the belt remarks against our rivals, which is condemnable.
He said targeting of civilian population by Indian forces was highly condemnable.
THE acknowledgement of Jerusalem as Israel's capital is a condemnable move on the part of President Trump.
Speaking to ANI, Vipssana said, "Attack on the media is condemnable.
FORMER Puerto Princesa City Mayor Edward Hagedorn slammed a P65 million plunder complaint lodged against him and other city officials by supporters of incumbent Mayor Lucio Bayron as "ludicrous and condemnable.
He said that Tahir ul Qadri on the behest of anti-state elements are instigating the people on chaos and anarchy and his announcements and threats of murdering of his workers retuning without revolution are highly condemnable.
This is condemnable and the ministry's decision should be appreciated.
This provoked both the ruling Congress and the opposition BJP to lash out at the comments as disturbing and condemnable.
They added that the local journalists of Jati are also being victimized for their fair reporting which is a condemnable act.