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To adjudge or find guilty of a crime and sentence. To declare a building or ship unsafe for use or occupancy. To decide that a navigable vessel is a prize or is unfit for service. To take privately owned land for public use in exchange for just compensation by virtue of the power of Eminent Domain.

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v. 1) for a public agency to determine that a building is unsafe or unfit for habitation and must be torn down or rebuilt to meet building and health code requirements. 2) for a governmental agency to take private property for public use under the right of eminent domain, but constitutionally the property owner must receive just compensation. If an agreement cannot be reached then the owner is entitled to a court determination of value in a condemnation action (lawsuit), but the public body can take the property immediately upon deposit of the estimated value. 3) to sentence a convicted defendant to death. 4) send to prison. (See: condemnation action, eminent domain, capital punishment)

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to pronounce judicial sentence on someone, usually one of death.
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In her condemnation, State Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb said such anarchists should be unveiled as soon as possible.
The main front page headline in al-Ayyam read: Broad condemnation of the assassination attempt against Hamdallah and (intelligence chief Majid) Faraj upon entering Gaza."
Several parts of Pakistan also saw people gathering for condemnation, mourning and candlelight vigils Tuesday night to show solidarity with the children and all others affected in the attack that lasted several hours.
The criticism came following a condemnation of Israel by UN Security Council members on Tuesday over the planned Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria as well as for 'price tag' vandalism.
According to the Pacific Legal Foundation, which tracks government use of eminent domain, the total number of condemnations for private use, in all states, in a five-year period between 1998 and 2002 was approximately 10,000.
The EU has reacted vigorously to a fresh World Trade Organisation condemnation of its banana import regime, saying it would appeal against the judgement made in Geneva.
Poling called this week for a public vote on an amendment to the City Charter requiring a six-vote council majority in support of city condemnation proceedings.
The court found that "[p]romoting economic development is a traditional and long-accepted governmental function." Therefore, the condemnations were for a public purpose and met the "public-use" requirement.
One way of looking at condemnation is as a forced sale of property.
Paul has nothing but contempt for such "faith".) I see specific condemnations of specific relationships in St.
Can the magisterium be right when it made the condemnations and right when it lifted them?
They further affirmed that mutual condemnations of the Council of Trent and the Lutheran confession no longer apply.