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They understandably restrict themselves to issuing condemnatory statements.
Maybe that knowledge is why De Jong was not as condemnatory about Webb's performance as some of his Dutch team-mates.
Armah stated that Achebe "built his condemnatory argument against his book" while speaking at Harvard University.
Clement's condemnatory bull, In eminenti, contained only vague reasons why Masonry and Catholicism were incompatible, but later papal pronouncements explained the condemnation in inescapable detail.
This humble journal was indeed surprised at the condemnatory reaction we evoked from the acting prime minister of the country, Julia Gillard.
For what kinds of conduct may we impose on people the condemnatory sanction of legal punishment?
Israel has frequently been the target of condemnatory resolutions by the 47-member Human Rights Council, leading to criticism from some quarters that the body is overly focused on the Israel-Palestinian conflict to the detriment of other rights abuses elsewhere in the world.
Whatever the case, Frances also illustrates how prostitution has never been entirely risk free, and that this is a reality often made worse by condemnatory attitudes and punitive social and legal policies.
Yet if Hawkins's figurative take on our era can seem more sympathetic or engaged than condemnatory, this appears to be because he sees past the obvious ironies and bitterness of the situation to its wonders and tragedy.
He is regularly condemnatory of the Bush administration and its conduct of the "unjust" war in Iraq and just as dismissive at times of the Democratic Party and its candidates, whom he labels "losers" and accuses of "cowardice.
Perhaps there is still a role for Pasquino to play: certainly the need to speak truth to power, whether in satiric or condemnatory tone, has not disappeared in the nearly five centuries since Pasquino first came on the cultural scene.
It featured undercover recordings made in a number of Birmingham mosques alleged to be homophobic, anti-Semitic, sexist and condemnatory of non-Muslims.