condemned prisoner

See: convict
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The D and SJ ordered to hang three condemned prisoners at Kot Lakhpat Jail and one condemned prisoner at Kasur Central Jail.
Meanwhile, implementation on the execution of another condemned prisoner Shahid Mehmood was deferred due to compromise struck between the accused and victim's family.
Now in all my years, I have never read where the executioner, after the dispatching of a condemned prisoner, was arrested for that person's murder as Mr Pritchard described.
On Thursday, Utah Governor Gary Herbert, who does not have the power to commute a death sentence or pardon a condemned prisoner, denied Gardner's request for a temporary stay of execution.
LAHORE, May 22 -- The Lahore High Court Friday ordered to postpone the marriage of Laiba Saher to a condemned prisoner, Attique-ur-Rehman, confined in Jail.
Benedict then visited the dark cell in the basement of one of the buildings, the place where St Maximilian Kolbe, a Roman Catholic priest, was executed after voluntarily taking the place of a condemned prisoner with a large family.
A condemned prisoner brought a [section] 1983 action against a state corrections department, challenging the manner of his pending execution.
Long ago, reading The Ballad of Reading Gaol, I recall my feelings of compassion for the condemned prisoner, and thinking at that moment of others awaiting execution in various countries in the world.
Zonana correctly responded that the code clearly forbids such an action: "When a condemned prisoner has been declared incompetent to be executed, physicians should not treat the prisoner for the purpose of restoring competence unless a commutation order is issued before treatment begins.
In contrast, if an expert concludes that a condemned prisoner understands the nature and purpose of the death penalty, the execution is nearly certain to be carried out, within weeks or even days.
The condemned prisoner, Zaman, was hanged in central jail Multan.
FAISALABAD -- A condemned prisoner was hanged in the Central Jail Faisalabad here on Wednesday whereas the execution of another was deferred due to compromise.