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To adjudge or find guilty of a crime and sentence. To declare a building or ship unsafe for use or occupancy. To decide that a navigable vessel is a prize or is unfit for service. To take privately owned land for public use in exchange for just compensation by virtue of the power of Eminent Domain.

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v. 1) for a public agency to determine that a building is unsafe or unfit for habitation and must be torn down or rebuilt to meet building and health code requirements. 2) for a governmental agency to take private property for public use under the right of eminent domain, but constitutionally the property owner must receive just compensation. If an agreement cannot be reached then the owner is entitled to a court determination of value in a condemnation action (lawsuit), but the public body can take the property immediately upon deposit of the estimated value. 3) to sentence a convicted defendant to death. 4) send to prison. (See: condemnation action, eminent domain, capital punishment)

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to pronounce judicial sentence on someone, usually one of death.
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Senator Anwaar-ul-Haq strongly condemning assassination attempt on Interior Minister said that such elements would not be allowed to disturb law and order in the country.
Dutch foreign affairs minister Bert Koenders tweeted "I'm condemning the terrible attacks in Egypt.
Messages condemning the attack were also released by other parliamentary parties soon after the incident.
Referring to some false reports about governments dual stance in condemning the US-led drone strikes in northern Pakistani areas, the premier said: "The government has always taken a forthright and genuine stance in condemning the drone attacks.
He stressed his country's stance condemning criminal and terror acts seeking to subvert Bahrain's security and stability.
Syrian Community in Algeria, Algerians and Tunisian Journalists Denounce Damascus Terrorist Attacks Members of the Syrian community in Algeria and Algerians participated in the Global March for Syria, condemning the terrorist attacks which took place in Damascus.
"In condemning this abominable crime, I want to express to you our solidarity and our support," he wrote.
But Dawson Bailie rejected the accusation and said: "I'm not condemning anything at this moment in time."
In order to meet these burdens--to build new roads and to build new power facilities--certain condemning authorities, such as the Department of Transportation or public utilities, can obtain possession and title to real property before proceeding to judgment.
says it is not condemning a person for having a homosexual tendency.
It would be impossible in the 21st Century to do so, otherwise in condemning same sex couples they would also have to condemn cutting men's hair, eating meat with blood in it, eating rabbit or certain kinds of seafood, sexual intercourse during menstruation, cross breeding cattle, and wearing garments made out of more than one material.
All of us are one in condemning the blasphemous act,'' Musharraf said, with Karzai standing besides him.