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There are defects in the common test methods that result in misidentifying a small amount of the exhaust air as condensable particulate.
In another example, the performance of heat exchange surfaces can be negatively affected if coated with thin heat-insulating layers of silicone contamination and other forms of volatile condensable matter, or VCM.
Non Condensable Impacts on EER* and SEER* for TXV and Hot Attic Conditions Description [EER*.
Analysis of condensable products is performed by Agilent 6820 gas chromatograph equipped with a HP-innowax capillary column and a FID detector.
The problem is compounded because many gas-producing reservoirs are becoming depleted and are producing gas with increasing concentrations of condensable hydrocarbons.
Condensable liquids constitute 25-60% of the gaseous products formed during pyrolysis.
The LP obtained in BM pyrolysis as organic condensable is oxygeneous and contains a large amount of water and polyfunctional oxygen compounds and less simple phenols, alcohols, acids, ketones, and aldehydes.
a member of the Analysis and Testing business unit of the Netzsch Group of Selb/Bavaria, Germany, introduced the STA-QMS Aeolos[R] a new MS capillary system for routine analysis of permanent gases and less condensable decomposition products.
Lower target condensable particulate emissions were taken from AP-42, given assumed application of control technologies.
A low cloud abundance means that there's less of the condensable substances, including water.
In addition to mercury control, we also provide emission control systems for acid gases and condensable particulate matter.