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Tar consists of condensable hydrocarbons that cause environmental and operational problems [50,53e55].
Luego de cada experiencia, la cantidad de carbonizado y de condensables producidos fue determinada con la ayuda de una balanza.
Therefore, more condensable gases are more permeable through the PDMS membrane which is a rubbery polymer.
Also, Xenon propellant is highly condensable (about twice the density of water at high pressure), making it ideal when space is limited.
Inert gases aren't condensable and require a high volume for discharge.
While testing for filterable particulate is a well-established science, the testing methods for condensable particulate are still developing.
Determination of degree of conversion as a function of depth of a photo-initiated dental restoration composite - III application to commercial Prodigy Condensable.
2]) based "extraction" cleaning processes were developed to process silicone devices to meet NASA cleaning standards based upon total mass loss (TML) and volatile condensable matter (VCM) (ref.
But their location and size suggest they "could plausibly be composed of condensable compounds and be solid, either as a dry, rocky super-Earth or one composed of a significant amount of water," said the study.
El biogas contiene solamente metano el cual no es condensable a las condiciones de operacion, por lo que no fue necesario respetar esta regla de oro de los procesos tradicionales de gas natural.
Water vapour and other condensable substances are captured by freezing them on to a cold surface such as a cryocoil or chevron baffle.