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Operation of the ergonomically designed, lightweight Condensation Squeegee is simple.
The equipment, which is due for delivery in early 2012, will be Opcon's fourth flue gas condensation unit in the Netherlands.
Film condensation of vapour flowing inside a vertical tube and between parallel plates was studied in [4].
The moisture and steam that appear on the glass in your car and on your bedroom window are both forms of condensation.
VENT-II is a one dimensional nodal model, solving a reduced form of the Navier-Stokes equations and a semi-empirical condensation model at the interior flue surface.
When examining the above reported procedures for the use of amines and amino acids as catalysts in the condensation of benzaldehyde with malononitrile, the following observations are important:
at condensation without possibility of lateral expansion k=1;
According to the company, the Nuclear-ID Green Chromatin Condensation System provides a rapid and convenient assay for one of the more prominent hallmarks of late-stage apoptosis, nuclear condensation.
It was noticed that the parts sheltered by the aluminium 'flysheets' were consistently free of condensation on the inside surfaces.
According to Bas Klaver, product manager at the Goss International facility in Boxmeer, the Netherlands, where Goss dryers are designed and manufactured, the small-diameter chill rollers "eliminate solvent condensation regardless of print speed, paper quality or ink coverage.
Using as an example joint condensation of vapor phases of stainless steel and sodium chloride, it was shown that it is possible to affect characteristics of a porous structure by changing technological parameters of the material condensation [3], whereby it was found that maximally open porosity of condensates is formed at the condensation temperature 805-820 [degrees]C, and its value depends upon ratio of salt/metal vapor flows.