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This result may give some indication of condensation reactions of different wood components and improvement the colour stability of larch wood samples in the first 530 hours of the weathering test.
The organofunctional end will participate in standard organic coupling reactions whereas the trialkoxysilane portion will proceed through hydrolysis and condensation reactions.
Further work is undergoing to investigate the effectiveness of this technique in other Knoevenagel Condensation Reactions.
Linear-aliphatic-diol-based cross-linked poly(orthocarbonate)s were prepared by the condensation reactions of monomers in a solvent-free medium, under an argon atmosphere in a pressure vessel at 160[degrees]C.
Early studies involving condensation reactions of silicic acid, Si(OH)[.
Silicate resins rely on condensation reactions between silica and either C|O.
Condensation reactions have therefore been advanced to account for the production of emission lines in the chromosphere.
1] that is attributed to the formation of Si--O--Si bridges in the sol-gel condensation reactions (12), for both unfunctionalized and bonded silica nanocomposites.
Liquefaction yields and combined phenol amounts were determined, and liquefaction residues were further analyzed to investigate the direct condensation reactions that are possible to occur between cellulose and polyphenol components.
On drying, condensation reactions occur at the silane-metal interface, the two main ones being:
A synthesis of copolymer from acetylated melamine, N, N' Dimethylthiourea and adjoining them with binder (Silicic acid) is fundamentally a new concept based on condensation reactions.
Sample topics include: stereochemistry, organohalides, structure determination using mass spectrometry and infrared spectroscopy, corbonyl condensation reactions, the four types of biomolecule, the organic chemistry of metabolic pathways, and synthetic polymers, among others.