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Whether or no the reserved and never-exercised power of unbuttoning, fascinates mankind; whether or no wisdom is supposed to condense and augment when buttoned up, and to evaporate when unbuttoned; it is certain that the man to whom importance is accorded is the buttoned-up man.
I have adjusted my instrument very satisfactorily (I mean the one I carry in my good square German head), and I am not afraid of losing a single drop of this valuable fluid, as it condenses itself upon the plate of my observation.
Cooling towers are needed to condense the steam exhaust exiting from the steam turbines after the superheated steam has done its work in the turbines.
This is because the dew point of flue gas is about 140 degrees F for natural gas, so in systems where the return water temperature is higher than 140 degrees F, conditions are too warm to allow the flue gas to condense.
The greatest challenge," he says, "is to keep all the traditional elements and condense it so the story flows.
The temperature at which air will condense is called the "dew-point.
Therefore, there is a general limit to how much water may condense in a structure in a heating environment, and there is a generally lower incidence of mold in those environments.
Condensing boilers require entering water temperature (EWT) in the 100[degrees]F (55[degrees]C) range to actually condense water out of the exiting flue gas.
And if there's moisture in the air, the water will condense (change from water vapor to liquid water) to form rain clouds.