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Chapter Four 2010-2015 Global and Chinese Market of Automobile Condenser 4.
Air Cooled Condenser Manufacturing Process and Cost Structure
The (de)superheating and condenser subcooling sections are modeled by the crossflow effectiveness approximation:
It is worth to point out that the temperature difference between the condenser surface and surrounding air does not hold for a real operating conditions of a refrigerator.
Based on DB methodology, the decoupling features for six common chiller faults were developed in this study: (1) reduced condenser water flow, (2) reduced evaporator water flow, (3) low refrigerant charge, (4) refrigerant overcharge, (5) noncondensable gas in the refrigerant, and (6) condenser fouling.
The process of under cooling is carried out by circulating more quantity of cooling water over the condenser tubes [4].
The objective function of the optimization method is an economic function and it is represented by total condenser costs due to fouling (Grigore & Hazi, 2008):
How it works: Air tends to collect in the condenser of some refrigeration systems, reducing system efficiency by insulating the refrigerant from the heat exchange surface of the condenser, resulting in increased head pressure over that normally required.
In the first mechanism, the cooling area of the condenser increases directly as a result of temperature increase in the reactor, lowering the level of condensed monomer.
Ariston will display its new Platinum Condenser Dryer at the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show & Conference from April 21 to 23 in Chicago.
It absolutely and categorically will be the condenser.
In addition to noise reduction, Tri-Pak also offers a significant reduction in AC load resulting in increased pay-back time when utilizing the remote condenser circuits.