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This is because the dew point of flue gas is about 140 degrees F for natural gas, so in systems where the return water temperature is higher than 140 degrees F, conditions are too warm to allow the flue gas to condense.
Just as fog (water vapor) condenses out of the air when the temperature drops or the humidity rises, SiO will condense out of nebular gas at certain temperatures and pressures.
Therefore, there is a general limit to how much water may condense in a structure in a heating environment, and there is a generally lower incidence of mold in those environments.
This water vapor migrates between the sand grains to a cooler region of the mold and condenses.
Because atomic hydrogen is such a good coolant, much more of the gas condenses into stars than was possible during the very first episode of star formation.
It condenses an intensive two-and-a-half-day symposium into 100 easy-to-digest pages.