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23 arrest that he was suffering from a hairline fracture in his right foot and made condescending comments about enjoying his wealth, according to a Miami Beach police document released Tuesday, March 18.
And just for good measure, Ricky got to tell Stephen off in front of The Sugar: "Stop being so condescending and let Gabrielle speak
Nicholson mainly avoids condescending to her subjects except through a sequence that juxtaposes less-than-glamorous childhood photos of the participants with their pageant appearances while their mothers trumpet why they should win.
respondents say bad accents (29 percent) are their top complaint, followed by rude or condescending agents (18 percent), being made to wait too long on the line (17 percent) or having to listen to an agent "upgrade" their services (15 percent).
According to Stovall, Yerby was a real piece of work--arrogant, smug and condescending toward women and fellow African Americans.
Would he have been as condescending to any of the Irish jockeys?
Not only was it denigrating, condescending and picaresque, it was just plain wrong.
Furthermore, the authors strike exactly the right note for younger readers, particularly middle grade/junior high readers or reluctant readers, without being patronizing or condescending.
No more than 10 percent of Cathy Young's condescending article ("Ayn Rand at 100," March) describes what Rand successfully accomplished in her years as a philosopher and novelist.
He added that the group was "fatally flawed by a hubris that made the movement condescending and more than a bit judgmental.
The gay friends you have been giving defensive and condescending lectures to all year will surely appreciate it--as soon as they stop peering out the windows in search of the four white-hooded horsemen they expect to come charging up their driveway at any given minute.
Although Verene insists that he considers Galesburg to be home to his extended family and that his intention is celebratory, the suspicion that his representations of its residents are ultimately sensationalistic and condescending is hard to shake.