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"It's typical of the Tories to be so condescending to Scots.
He addresses his readership with the condescending impatience and infuriating drawl of Crocodile to learn, only something to unlearn - namely, everything the academy stands for.
It's the pundits' condescending tone, as if Haitians are another species, a breed apart, that's so offensive and dangerous.
BRITAIN'S plans to deal with a major terrorist strike were last night condemned as outdated, condescending, uncoordinated and incoherent.
These analyses are highly condescending, suggesting that - unlike sophisticated journalists - the public is overly credulous about JFK and conspiracy theories, unable to accept "the truth." So let's turn the tables and see what the anniversary onslaught says not about us, but about the media.
How condescending. She'll get my vote because, like most people, I'm bored with manufactured, stick-thin, airhead pop stars with zilch talent.
Graham-Dixon's condescending, un-hip articles about Warhol and Picabia are both suspect in this regard.
I'm not being condescending, but the commentator who does the Tranmere games for ITV's Nationwide goals round-up is worth a listen.
PETER Hain's condescending plea for euro referendum campaigners to "put down their placards is a telling reminder of New Labour's attitude towards their electorate - an insignificant nuisance.
Both an artist and a scholar, Lindsay combines esthetic transformation with teaching; never didactic or condescending, his is an insistent reclaiming of the contemporary gallery space for the centuries-old regenerative/spiritual role of art.
His constant interruptions did nothing for the smooth running of the programme, and his smug condescending attitude nauseated me.
A spokesman for the RAC Foundation said: "This is so condescending. There can be no one who travels on the M25 unless they absolutely have to."