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receives a 'condign' sentence or adequate punishment, and
He sought to classify three types of power: condign power, compensatory power and conditioned power [14].
If, however, she did know, and still allowed Obama to present this as a mellow moment of national satisfaction, she is condign punishment for his choice of such hirelings.
He added: "ose who put into eect vile fantasies about children will receive condign punishment."
Will you therefore give me credit for sincerity when I beg you to accept all or any of the enclosed for Macmillan's Magazine in case you think them of any use, and to pass upon them a condign sentence of rejection in the (highly probable) opposite case.
eds., 1738) (1625) ("Thus we read, that the Eleans made War on the Lacedemonians, because they would take no Notice of those who had injured them, that is, would neither inflict condign Punishment nor deliver them up.
That is simply unforgivable and itself worthy of condign punishment." The judge said Bentley and his late wife had bought Elm View as a business proposition, but he suspected that by 2011 Bentley had lost interest in it.
He said that the molested girl is the daughter of all of us and those committed this brutal act will be brought to condign justice.
The original intention was, not to carry the same narrative on, but many readers objected to the want of a regular denouement in the previous work, where, according to established etiquette, virtue ought to be rewarded, and vice brought to condign punishment.
It does not result in condign punishment because the behavior was not controllable by the offender.
come from demonic inspiration, from the spirits poured in his ear by his wife, and above all from the terrible torments of sense and mind visited upon him by condign punishment for a deed of supreme evil" (219).
While the Hungarian minister-president promoted a plan which had as its centerpiece a reordering of the status quo in the Balkans, the Monarchy's foreign minister was still, it seemed, prepared to threaten Serbia with condign punishment if it disturbed the status quo.