conditional endorsement

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On the other hand, the system raises concern that it may exclude flexible solutions, such as conditional endorsement, regarding policies that need to be comprehensively examined because of complex factors.
The trip follows Mr Netanyahu's conditional endorsement, under US pressure, of the internationally-backed goal of Palestinian statehood, a change of direction that Palestinians said fell short of their independence aspirations.
Although the draft bill had received AMT's conditional endorsement, the bill's proponents failed to convince the Minnesota Society of Pathologists to support it.
Although he put a wasp in the sandwich, the former Hartlepool MP's conditional endorsement of Mr Brown was, in my view, highly significant.
Dave Freudenthal's conditional endorsement of the company's proposal for winter drilling at the company's Pinedale, Wyo.
A conditional endorsement of spinsterhood followed from an insistence on uncompromising behavior as well as a continued emphasis on otherworldly goals.
28, state officials announced that the Antelope Valley received a conditional endorsement to become an enterprise zone, able to offer tax credits and other incentives to attract business.
On April 6, 1998, the NYPSC chairman announced his conditional endorsement of the company's plan to enter the in-region long distance market in New York.
The Police Commission gave a conditional endorsement Tuesday to a merger of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority police with the LAPD, saying the panel reserves the right to re-examine the proposal as more financial data becomes available.
The conditional endorsements, first introduced in 2004, have been available not only for use with those policies issued earlier this year and that extend beyond TRIA's scheduled expiration but also for policies with inception dates beginning in 2015.

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