conditional event

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The modal response for all four groups is consistent with the conditional event and inconsistent with the material conditional interpretation.
The one motif that cannot be missing from a work we wish to assimilate to the genre is the conditional event of the journey.
Instruments whose rights and obligations are conditional on events within the control of one party to the contract (for example, in an option contract, the conditional event is generally the option holder's decision to exercise).
00 Stratford, nap) Escapes a penalty for his win in a conditional event at sedgefield six days ago.
The upsides are that Pause And Clause has dropped to the mark off which he won the previous season's Martin Pipe conditional event at the festival and the excellent form of Emma Lavelle's horses.
Neither do novices nor jockeys still qualified to ride in conditional events.
A taxpayer may not deduct an estimate of an anticipated expense--no matter how statistically certain--if the fact of the liability is based on conditional events that have not occurred by the close of the tax year.

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