conditional independence

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Cochran test of conditional independence was applied to see conditional association between these variables at p-value <0.
and it defined the BN structure because of the conditional independence of Vi and {V1,.
In the case of SC, Naive Bayes (NB), which is a special case of BN [13], and one of the leading ML algorithms for SC tasks [10], has surprisingly and repeatedly shown improved performance on movie and product reviews despite its conditional independence assumption.
The BAN and GBN using conditional independence test network learning method is improved, so that the classification effect is improved (Acosta-Cabronero, J.
One feasible way to learn such a graphical model is to capture any conditional independence between each pair of the variables with a sparsity prior.
In this section, we will explore the first feature by testing for the conditional independence between the choice of better coverage and the occurrence of claims.
The topics include incompleteness and uncertainty, the importance of conditional independence, Bayesian programming with coherence variables, the Bayesian programming conditional statement, and Bayesian inference algorithms revisited.
The "naive" conditional independence assumptions come into play: assume that each feature (F) i is conditionally independent of every other feature (F) j for
He wants to ally Serbia with the West, though he opposes the European Union-backed plan for conditional independence for the province of Kosovo.
Second, it must help to strengthen European resolve to break the diplomatic deadlock by working with willing European partners to promote acceptance of the Ahtisaari plan--leading to conditional independence of Kosovo--among the more hesitant member states.
In March 2007, former Finnish president Martti Ahtisaari, a special UN envoy, proposed a plan for conditional independence that was quickly denounced by the Serbian government.
The Albanian representatives are pressing for conditional independence for Kosovo, while the Serbians are calling for wide autonomy.

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