conditional liberty

See: parole
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When a youth demonstrates proficient progress in secure care, he or she is granted conditional liberty or parole.
6) A probation violation hearing illuminates this conditional liberty status because the same system that granted probation now has the discretion to take it away.
59) Despite this history of resistance, the Negron decision shifts the focus away from the concept of conditional liberty in favor of stricter constitutional safeguards for probationers.
According to a private TV channel report 3 Pakistanis out of 8 apprehended under a drug-case have confessed to their crime, resultantly the Saudi Government has offered conditional liberty for the 5 detained Pakistani prisoners.
Campaigners are now pinning their hope on Mr Sloan being given conditional liberty in Spain.
The judge is now considering conditional liberty in Spain, in which he would have to have a home address in Tenerife and find a job.
conditional liberty properly dependent on observation of special [probation] restrictions.
On March 28, the Santiago Appeals Court rejected Contreras' request for conditional liberty, calling the general "a danger to society.
His father, Tommy Sloan, 47, from Melling Mount,Kirkby, said: ``Discussions have been going on for a while about granting Kevan conditional liberty.
Governors from both prisons are due to meet this Friday to discuss Mr Sloan's conditional liberty.

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