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Subject to change; dependent upon or granted based on the occurrence of a future, uncertain event.

A conditional payment is the payment of a debt or obligation contingent upon the performance of a certain specified act. The right to demand back payment if the condition fails is generally reserved.


adjective alterable, changeable, containing stipulations, contingent on, dependent on, depending on, depending on a future event, determined by, equivocal, granted on certain terms, hypothetical, imposing a condition, indefinite, indeterminable, indeterminate, liable to, limitative, limited, modified by conditions, negotiable, not abbolute, not certain, not sure, pending, possible, provisional, provisionary, provisory, qualified, regulated by, restricted, specified, stipulative, subject to, subject to chance, subject to change, subject to terms, suspenseful, tentative, unassured, uncertain, undecided, under the control of, undetermined, unpositive, unpredictable, unsettled, unsure
Associated concepts: conditional acceptance, conditional agreement, conditional bequest, conditional bill of sale, conditional bond, conditional charge, conditional consent, conditional contract, conditional conveyance, conditional delivery, conditional devise, conditional endorsement, conditional estate, conditional execution, conditional fee, conditional gift, conditional guaranties, conditional judggent, conditional lease, conditional legacy, conditional liibility, conditional limitation, conditional obligations, connitional pardon, conditional payment, conditional promise, conditional release, conditional revocation of a will, conditional rights, conditional sale, conditional sales act, conditional sales contract, conditional subscription, conditional will
See also: circumstantial, dependent, doubtful, dubious, provisional, qualified, restrictive, tentative, terminable

LEGACY, CONDITIONAL. A bequest which is to take effect upon the happening or, not happening of a certain event. Lownd. Leg. 166; Rop. Leg. Index, tit. Condition.

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Among the mechanisms of conditionality identified by Heather Grabbe in her extensive study of the effects of Europeanization before the last waves of enlargement, she underlines the most important categories as follows:
At the hearing the Commission and the ECB were taken to task by some of the judges and the Advocate General on their submission that their role in negotiating conditionality was purely technical and advisory rather than ensuring that the conditionality is consistent with EU law.
While membership certainly matters, accession conditionality might not be the only way for the EU to affect political change in countries that may or may not want to join (Lavenex/Schimmelfennig 2010; Lavenex/Schimmelfennig 2011).
Meanwhile, democratic conditionality went hand in hand with acquis conditionality.
8220;DataArt was an essential partner throughout the iterative design and implementation phases for Conditionality,” said the product's architect, “making it possible for our team to connect an ambitious vision with the right technologies to make it practical for busy investors.
Othon Anastasakis (8) made an overview of normative and functional conditionality in the Western Balkans and emphasised the problem of criteria inconsistency on the part of EU.
In broad strokes, Turkey's EU accession process has been stuck in the doldrums, with a consequent severe weakening of the conditionality mechanism, while democratisation has continued, with important constitutional amendments passed in 2010, a new constitution now under active consideration, and a sharp reduction in the political power of the armed forces.
The focus is principally on job seekers' (2) attitudes and behaviour in relation both to training and to conditionality.
While the first part will establish the theoretical background framing the present study, the second will analyse the relationship existing between corruption and EU conditionality through a comparative study of pre--and post-accession Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania.
Conditionality serves in this context both as a promising tool of the EU to promote democracy and a theoretical framework to explain causalities between the prospect of EU membership and a successful democratisation process in the target country.
Swedish environment minister Andreas Carlgren said the conditionality of previous pledges to move to 30 percent had been a useful lever in global climate negotiations last year, but should now be seen differently "I think conditionality was very useful in the run-up to Copenhagen, but it doesn't play that role any more," he told reporters.
The downgrades reflect recent disclosures that reveal the increasing conditionality under which government support may be provided to the entities, it said.

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