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Subject to change; dependent upon or granted based on the occurrence of a future, uncertain event.

A conditional payment is the payment of a debt or obligation contingent upon the performance of a certain specified act. The right to demand back payment if the condition fails is generally reserved.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

LEGACY, CONDITIONAL. A bequest which is to take effect upon the happening or, not happening of a certain event. Lownd. Leg. 166; Rop. Leg. Index, tit. Condition.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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A Theoretical Approach towards EU Democracy Promotion and Conditionality Theorizing External Factors of Democratisation
Additionally, if one would like to track the development trajectories of this research agenda, it is apparent that together with the 'big' enlargement (2004), conditionality as a concept became an important part of the scope of Europeanization (4).
To encourage them to adopt its constitutional principles and sectoral policies and adapt their domestic institutions, policies, and political processes accordingly, the EU has developed a sophisticated tool box that heavily draws on "reinforcement by reward" (positive conditionality) and "reinforcement by support" (capacity-building) (Schimmelfennig et al.
The ESM -- as the stabilisation body came to be known -- had decided in principle to provide such assistance to Cyprus in the sum of e1/417 billion and what remained was to negotiate the conditionality -- the macro economic reforms Cyprus was going to undertake in return for receiving assistance.
He said: "I support the principle of conditionality as a way of encouraging active participation.
Therefore, rule adoption of the candidate country depends on the capacity of actors to exploit the opportunities and external incentives provided by the EU through the conditionality principle.
Now analysts can use the Conditionality web application to write qualitative investment research as a Scenario Graph, which is similar to Facebook's Social Graph that links friends, as it links scenarios for issues in investors' research, enabling them to decision-tree a single investment or a portfolio of investments.
Moreover, any conditionality that follows ESM assistance would most likely be focused on the banking sector rather than intrusive budgetary conditionality on the sovereign.
With the EU integration of the Central-Eastern Europe (CEE) in the 1990s the theoretical frameworks of the EU conditionality were based on the social action of this region.
Macroeconomic conditionality, which ties Structural Fund aid to good economic governance, will apply to all funds and may result in a suspension of commitments and payments.
While Dr Usul's book offers a useful summary of the literature on the role of external actors on democratisation in general, and the emerging policies of the EU in creating democratic conditionality for candidate states, his coverage of the Turkish experience adds little to the existing body of literature, and is out of date.

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