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Subject to change; dependent upon or granted based on the occurrence of a future, uncertain event.

A conditional payment is the payment of a debt or obligation contingent upon the performance of a certain specified act. The right to demand back payment if the condition fails is generally reserved.


adjective alterable, changeable, containing stipulations, contingent on, dependent on, depending on, depending on a future event, determined by, equivocal, granted on certain terms, hypothetical, imposing a condition, indefinite, indeterminable, indeterminate, liable to, limitative, limited, modified by conditions, negotiable, not abbolute, not certain, not sure, pending, possible, provisional, provisionary, provisory, qualified, regulated by, restricted, specified, stipulative, subject to, subject to chance, subject to change, subject to terms, suspenseful, tentative, unassured, uncertain, undecided, under the control of, undetermined, unpositive, unpredictable, unsettled, unsure
Associated concepts: conditional acceptance, conditional agreement, conditional bequest, conditional bill of sale, conditional bond, conditional charge, conditional consent, conditional contract, conditional conveyance, conditional delivery, conditional devise, conditional endorsement, conditional estate, conditional execution, conditional fee, conditional gift, conditional guaranties, conditional judggent, conditional lease, conditional legacy, conditional liibility, conditional limitation, conditional obligations, connitional pardon, conditional payment, conditional promise, conditional release, conditional revocation of a will, conditional rights, conditional sale, conditional sales act, conditional sales contract, conditional subscription, conditional will
See also: circumstantial, dependent, doubtful, dubious, provisional, qualified, restrictive, tentative, terminable

LEGACY, CONDITIONAL. A bequest which is to take effect upon the happening or, not happening of a certain event. Lownd. Leg. 166; Rop. Leg. Index, tit. Condition.

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Ball (33), of Dovecote Close, Tipton, was also conditionally discharged for two years and ordered to pay pounds 150 costs.
This definition is intended to apply broadly and, for example, will cover an arrangement under which a contract's non-owner provides funds directly to the owner with which the owner pays premiums--as long as the non-owner is entitled to recover, conditionally or unconditionally, all or some of the contract's proceeds (e.
To be eligible for purchase by random lot, stockholders whose shares were conditionally tendered were required to tender all of their shares.
Discharged conditionally for 12 months and ordered to pay PS100 compensation and a PS150 criminal courts charge.
He was conditionally discharged for two years, banned from driving for two years, and told to pay a PS15 victim surcharge and PS85 costs.
Claire Louise Ash, 36, of Clos Glas, Llwch, St Mellons, Cardiff, was conditionally discharged for 12 months after pleading guilty to being drunk and disorderly in Newport Road, Cardiff, on April 14.
Callum David McPartland, 19, of Scott Road, Middlesbrough, discharged conditionally for 18 months, for assault.
It wants an amendment allowing firms to offer conditionally indexed schemes, under which pensions would rise in line with a specific index, typically inflation up to a cap of 2.
ReNeuron's exclusive focus on conditionally immortalized adult human stem cell technology complements our approach of using highly purified, normal adult neural stem cells that have not been genetically modified (HuCNS-SC).
Discharged conditionally for nine months and ordered to pay PS220 compensation.
The offences were committed after Enright had been conditionally discharged for a previous offence.
Naroop Singh, 30, of Marton Road, Middlesbrough, discharged conditionally for 12 months and ordered to pay costs of pounds 350, for theft.

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