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Although Twitmyer touched upon many of the principles associated with classical (Pavlovian) conditioning, such as the necessity for temporal contiguity insofar that the bell and the effective stimulus (tap on the tendon) need to occur close together in time, the variety of stimuli possible that may act to initiate the conditioned response, the requirement of several pairings of the bell and tap, Twitmyer did not forge ahead and explore these principles but, rather, abandoned his research on the conditioned reflex.
Overall, the period of natural sleep becomes gradually shorter during treatment, which shows that the development of the desired conditioned reflex is progressing.
It is known that the formation of a conditioned reflex with food reinforcement is determined by the relationship between food-procuring and passive defense motivation with domination of the former as a prerogative for the triggering of the respective behavioral act (Maklakova, Dubynin, Nazarenko, Nezavibatko, & Alfeeva, 1995).
exhibit a conditioned reflex of the type Pavlov elicited from his dogs.
3) Conditioned reflex includes the characteristics of unconditioned reflex and adds conjunctively connected stimulations and nervous system level learning.
Only fools phoned long distance at other than the cheap times or bought what wasn't on special at the supermarket; such personal economies were a conditioned reflex.
Technically speaking, a flinch is a conditioned reflex to outside stimuli.
By repetition, doing it over and over until it became a conditioned reflex.
Now, if you're troubled by this, how much more should you be troubled by the fact that every time a child plays an interactive point-and-shoot video game, he is learning the exact same conditioned reflex and motor skills.

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