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1968a, 1968b), the duration of the stimulus was thought to be an important factor in establishing the conditioned responses (as reading the statements would require some finite time).
Thus, when individuals are exposed to stimuli that counter their conditioned responses, their attitudes undergo reconditioning and their habitus begins to change (e.
Interventions aimed at cultivating emotional acceptance may facilitate prevention of relapse by enhancing recovering smokers' capacity to tolerate NA and increase awareness of unconscious conditioned responses.
We hoped that we would also detect the conditioned response in advance of the unconditioned shock stimulus.
The conditioned response misses the point, and we go on our way seeking fulfillment through a religious code.
Video games, some based on movies and television series, program exactly the same automatic, conditioned response and increasing skill level in children, often in marksmanship.
If anything, data from this current study this would suggest a conditioned `drug like' response rather than a compensatory (drug opposite) conditioned response as hypothesised.
In fact, Harry Burt and his invention are the living embodiment of Pavlov's Conditioned Response.
Some investigators have proposed and have begun to demonstrate that a behaviorally conditioned response to odor could explain some MCS cases (22-24).
Officers set aside their moral objections in favor of the conditioned response.
The conditioned response is to shoot the target, and then it drops.
The third method is called operant conditioning, which the military and law enforcement community have used to make killing a conditioned response.