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But he concludes a conditioned response in the third group permitted this smaller amount of drug to reduce mortality.
Previous experiments suggested that varying the temporal contiguity of a CS and US may alter the topography of the sexually conditioned response (Akins et al.
Autonomic (electrodermal, heart rate) and self-report (SUDS) conditioned responses (CRs) at acquisition and extinction were predicted from (a) UCS intensity (20% vs.
According to PB, it is through this process of simple or primary semantic conditioning that words acquire emotional meaning, that is, a word becomes meaningful when it comes through classical conditioning to elicit a conditioned response (Staats & Eifert, 1990).
In this way flavor-flavor conditioning worked against the hypothesis that a conditioned response (CR) of endogenous reward system activity stimulated by a flavor CS that had been paired with calories was being antagonized by the naloxone.
The significance of behavior accompanying conditioned salivary secretion for theories of the conditioned response.
There are cases where a conditioned response has been associated with "categories" of stimuli (e.
The data from these studies suggest new learning does not erase fear memories but changes the conditioned response.
Those of us in the all-volunteer force tend to have a conditioned response against conscription.
The conditioned response is always to pile into bonds, be it in the US, UK or Germany, and the outcome is the same--the long end of the curve flattens.
Then, they would study the amount of drool, and Pavlov observed that the dogs would drool without seeing or smelling the food, so he decided that a conditioned response was taking place.
Abbreviations: ANS = autonomic nervous system, CBT = cognitive behavioral therapy, CIMT = constraint-induced movement therapy, CR = conditioned response, PNS = parasympathetic nervous system, PTSD = posttraumatic stress disorder, REM = rapid eye movement, SNS = sympathetic nervous system, TBI = traumatic brain injury.