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Osborne's coachman, asked "what them there Russell Square coachmen knew about town, and whether they was fit to sit on a box before a lady?" Jos's friends, male and female, suddenly became interested about Emmy, and cards of condolence multiplied on her hall table.
After a few first sentences of sympathy and condolence, the writer announced his arrival at Mr.
Last night we learned the death of Chrysostom and that he was to be buried here, and out of curiosity and pity we left our direct road and resolved to come and see with our eyes that which when heard of had so moved our compassion, and in consideration of that compassion and our desire to prove it if we might by condolence, we beg of you, excellent Ambrosia, or at least I on my own account entreat you, that instead of burning those papers you allow me to carry away some of them."
Poor Mrs Quilp, who had looked in a state of helplessness from one face of condolence to another, coloured, smiled, and shook her head doubtfully.
I think he wishes to find an opportunity of speaking to me alone: he has seemed to be on the watch all day; but I have taken care to disappoint him - not that I fear anything he could say, but I have trouble enough without the addition of his insulting consolations, condolences, or whatever else he might attempt; and, for Milicent's sake, I do not wish to quarrel with him.
And this is said to me by my own sister, who imagines that...that...that she's sympathizing with me!...I don't want these condolences And his humbug!"
In a few minutes, through all the doors, down all the staircases, by every exit, every one hastened to retire, or rather to fly; for it was a situation where the ordinary condolences, -- which even the best friends are so eager to offer in great catastrophes, -- were seen to be utterly futile.
The guests, scarcely less disturbed, were equally at a loss; and at length, with a variety of muttered, half-expressed condolences, and pieces of advice, rose to depart; being at the same time slightly muddled with liquor.
He explained that the Prince asked for permission to call and offer me his condolences in person.
October 09 2011 (TUR) -- Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Abdel Aziz Sharaf, head of the Egyptian Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) General Hussein Tantawi and Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr sent messages of condolence to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday over the demise of his mother Tenzile Erdogan.
He also expressed sincere gratitude for the message of condolence from the South Korean minister on the day of the earthquake, as well as his condolence visit to the Embassy yesterday.
LIVERPOOL'S Lord Mayor has opened the city's book of condolence for Michael Causer.