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Jos's friends, male and female, suddenly became interested about Emmy, and cards of condolence multiplied on her hall table.
Poor Mrs Quilp, who had looked in a state of helplessness from one face of condolence to another, coloured, smiled, and shook her head doubtfully.
I think he wishes to find an opportunity of speaking to me alone: he has seemed to be on the watch all day; but I have taken care to disappoint him - not that I fear anything he could say, but I have trouble enough without the addition of his insulting consolations, condolences, or whatever else he might attempt; and, for Milicent's sake, I do not wish to quarrel with him.
In a few minutes, through all the doors, down all the staircases, by every exit, every one hastened to retire, or rather to fly; for it was a situation where the ordinary condolences, -- which even the best friends are so eager to offer in great catastrophes, -- were seen to be utterly futile.
The guests, scarcely less disturbed, were equally at a loss; and at length, with a variety of muttered, half-expressed condolences, and pieces of advice, rose to depart; being at the same time slightly muddled with liquor.
He explained that the Prince asked for permission to call and offer me his condolences in person.
Bhopal, Feb 27 (IANS) The death of Bollywood actor Sridevi acquired a political colour on Tuesday with the opposition Congress attacking the Madhya Pradesh government over the removal of her name from the condolence list, alleging that the step was"politically motivated".
In his condolence message, the chief minister said 'we stand by people of Iran in this hour of grief and we share sorrows of the bereaved families'.
ISLAMABAD -- The Foreign Office Monday expressed deep condolence over the tragic crash of a Russian passenger aircraft.
In his condolence message, the Governor Punjab prayed may Almighty Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace and grant courage to the bereaved family to bear the loss with equanimity.
BOOKS of condolence have been opened here to enable people to pay tribute to the victims of the Nice terror attack.
We have established an online book of condolences so that Labour members and supporters can send their own messages of condolence and express their thoughts at this troubling time.