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that editing out all references to smoking, where such references neither glamorised nor condoned, might adversely affect the value of the animation," Ofcom said.
Management] will say workplace harassment is not condoned, but by not fulfilling it in their acts, they are actually condoning it with a wink and a nod.
She said: ``There was never any intention to show that drinking Red Square condoned violence or enhanced sexual success.
The monks never sought their safety, and they never condoned any form of violence; for them, every person, even a terrorist, was a human person worthy of understanding.
Baltimore's new statement says that the earlier comment was not intended to condone fraud: "I wish to state unequivocally that I have never condoned falsity by a scientist.
The group, Delgadillo says, has engaged in a campaign of harassment against city workers and has condoned acts of violence and destruction.
A Muslim prayer leader who condoned wife-beating was expelled from France for a second time yesterday.
As much of the Internet community is aware, these e-mails were neither written nor condoned by Samsung.
the Animal Defense League has openly condoned terrorist acts and tactics and fanned the commission of violence.
Posters of a young woman eating an ice cream next to a broken fire alarm have been removed after fire service officials, including the West Midlands Fire Service, complained the advert condoned making hoax calls.
IN this day and age, racism cannot be condoned in any form.
We remain hopeful that the court will confirm that AMFA and its individual Locals have at no time promoted or condoned any type of job action.