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Four people complained that the ads were irresponsible and condoned anti-social behaviour and bullying, with one suggesting the scene with the dog was cruel and could encourage harmful emulation.
South African rugby union president Oregan Hoskins said: "We would like to apologise to the rugby community for the erroneous impression that acts of foul play are in any way condoned by South African rugby.
We note that, in Tom and Jerry, smoking usually appears in a stylised manner and is frequently not condoned.
The church was complicit in the state-sanctioned murder of some of these women, among the many other murders we have condoned.
The estate proffered evidence that the contractor failed to adequately train its employees and condoned employees' failure to complete mental health intake forms and the social worker's practice of challenging suicide watch referrals.
It condoned (or assisted in) a coup during Aristide's first year, and again this past February.
In the team sports, unfortunately, [discrimination] is still condoned by the hierarchy when you have players in the NFL and NBA making derogatory remarks about gays.
But such slaughter wouldn't have been lightly condoned as either a test of marksmanship or individual prowess.
A group of parents complained to the county's Commissioners Court that it condoned homosexuality and called for its removal, according to Library Director Jerilynn Williams.
To the extent that Mario's conduct constituted serious misconduct, habitual neglect or incompetence, conduct which must be present in huge measures to justify firing for cause, that conduct was condoned by Sonny.
If I may engage in a little hyperbole, would you have condoned the free exchange of atomic information in the early 1940s?