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Shri Singh said that response of State Govt received on 24 October, 2016 and delay condoned by centre on 26 October, 2016, which is fastest in the history.
A spokesman said: "Ofcom is investigating whether this news item, about an American company launching a range of cannabis products, condoned, encouraged or glamorised the use of illegal substances."
Four people complained that the ads were irresponsible and condoned anti-social behaviour and bullying, with one suggesting the scene with the dog was cruel and could encourage harmful emulation.
South African rugby union president Oregan Hoskins said: "We would like to apologise to the rugby community for the erroneous impression that acts of foul play are in any way condoned by South African rugby.
Ms Gunn said: "I think it's absolutely outrageous the BBC has condoned this leak.
where smoking appeared to be condoned, acceptable, glamorized or where it might encourage imitation."
AND CONGRESS HELPED THEM DO IT isn't just another book about Enron: it considers the rise of corporate scandals as a whole, pinpointing an atmosphere of greed condoned by Congress itself.
Today, nearly two decades later, Zhou looks back on those times and asks, "How do you think a society where that type of behavior was condoned, no, not condoned, mandated, can heal itself?.
"We note that, in Tom and Jerry, smoking usually appears in a stylised manner and is frequently not condoned.
The church was complicit in the state-sanctioned murder of some of these women, among the many other murders we have condoned. Why then is there the sudden turmoil over the desire of some in the church to bless that which others would say is sin?
Thomas, a retired University of British Columbia English professor, the review alluded to right-to-life and "anti-choice fanatics," as well as abortionists "killed or wounded in the struggle." Activist Randall Terry is described as a "prominent figure in the anti-abortion struggles of the 1970s and 1980s" who "condoned the killing of doctors who provided safe medical abortions." This, Terry never did.
The estate proffered evidence that the contractor failed to adequately train its employees and condoned employees' failure to complete mental health intake forms and the social worker's practice of challenging suicide watch referrals.