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"(By condoning blacklisted customers), the overloading and explosion of electric transformers could be prevented, the occurrence and hazard of fire would be lessened, the cost of the so-called 'system loss' would be minimized, and an income for both the electric utility and the government could be generated through payment of the correct bill and taxes," the resolution added.
"We're not condoning any kind of actions like that at all," said Shaun Hall, Mr Duggan's brother.
Far be it from me to suggest that Shakespeare was condoning wife beating in Taming Of The Shrew or murder in the Scottish play, and what was Tennessee Williams up to with his Cat On A Hot Tin Roof ?
The current antics of the European politicians are only condoning the principle of using sport as a political tool, and only storing up problems for ourselves in 2012.
The court found triable issues of fact regarding whether the officer's resignation was voluntary and if the department had a custom or policy of condoning a "code of silence." The officer had reported a coworker's misconduct for playing cards with an inmate.
The award-winning singer, whose mother is Scottish, also described Britain's role in the Gulf War as condoning murder.
Bishop Kunonga's pronouncements from the pulpit and elsewhere have divided Anglicans, many of whom see him as condoning violence committed by Zanu-PF supporters.
The proposed measure would mimic so-called "hate crimes" laws in America: "Ordinary crimes would carry heavier penalties if they are motivated in any way by racism or xenophobia..." The list also covers "a wide range of activities that sometimes fall into the sphere of protected political speech, such as 'public insults' of minority groups, 'public condoning of war crimes,' and 'public dissemination of tracts, pictures, or other material containing expressions of racism or xenophobia' -- including material posted on far-Right internet websites."
I don't know who deserves to be more vilified: the bottom-feeding leeches who have made ambulance chasing and perverting the law into an art form; their plaintiffs bar brethren, who by doing nothing are silently condoning this behavior; the jurors who deposit their backbone and common sense at the entrance to the jury box; or the judges who hide behind arcane laws while throwing up their hands in despair saying that they are powerless to do otherwise.
His furious father Malcolm has accused the WRU's disciplinary committee of "condoning thuggery and gratuitous violence".
It could be interpreted as condoning a breach of the law."
Disgusting that the likes of Bishop Sheridan and others work so singlemindedly against abortion and birth control, while condoning the policies of an Administration that takes the lives of tens of thousands of innocents in far-off lands.