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'I have consulted her; and I know her wishes coincide with yours; but in such important matters, I take the liberty of judging for myself; and no persuasion can alter my inclinations, or induce me to believe that such a step would be conducive to my happiness or yours - and I wonder that a man of your experience and discretion should think of choosing such a wife.'
He told me that while he personally deplored the existence of the strict regulations which had raised a barrier between the east and the west, he had felt, as had his predecessors, that recognition of the wishes of the great Pan-American federation would be most conducive to the continued peace of the world.
Wilcox, or Evie, or Charles; she had liked being told that her notions of life were sheltered or academic; that Equality was nonsense, Votes for Women nonsense, Socialism nonsense, Art and Literature, except when conducive to strengthening the character, nonsense.
The white heat of emotion had subsided to a gentle glow of contentment conducive to thought.
Oat bran's structure is not conducive to defatting, says study leader Talwinder S.
Addressing the auspicious oath -taking occasion, Sardar Attique Ahmad said that a conducive change in AJK was imminent, and expressed his endeavors for a conducive and constructive relationship with Federation, Judiciary, Armed Forces Aiwan-e-Sadr, and media.
They also acknowledge that the urban work environment, with its more tightly scheduled use of time, is less conducive to heeding natural urges.
Sardar Qayyum said that atrocities and carnage in Indian held Kashmir damaged the confidence building measures, which were taken in past for conducive environment.
QUETTA -- Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan Aliyani has directed authorities to constitute a committee and reviewed a conducive spot for business activities in suburbs of Quetta in order to appease traffic rush in the provincial capital.
Release date- 22082019 - Jayapura - In connection with the situation that has begun to be conducive, 7 gas stations in Sorong City have been operating on Thursday (22/8).
He added: "I just have my doubts whether the way they play is going to be conducive to scoring a lot of points in a World Cup, and the conditions in Japan will be very conducive to keeping the ball in hand and playing."
Phil hostels is a peaceful island within the campus and highly conducive for M.