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I have consulted her; and I know her wishes coincide with yours; but in such important matters, I take the liberty of judging for myself; and no persuasion can alter my inclinations, or induce me to believe that such a step would be conducive to my happiness or yours - and I wonder that a man of your experience and discretion should think of choosing such a wife.
He told me that while he personally deplored the existence of the strict regulations which had raised a barrier between the east and the west, he had felt, as had his predecessors, that recognition of the wishes of the great Pan-American federation would be most conducive to the continued peace of the world.
Wilcox, or Evie, or Charles; she had liked being told that her notions of life were sheltered or academic; that Equality was nonsense, Votes for Women nonsense, Socialism nonsense, Art and Literature, except when conducive to strengthening the character, nonsense.
The white heat of emotion had subsided to a gentle glow of contentment conducive to thought.
BOI is working with World Bank and other organizations to initiate training programs for staff, aimed at enabling them to provide conducive environment for investment in the country,' Secretary BOI Samaira Nazir Siddiqui told here on Tuesday.
Governor Sindh said that Japanese investor must capitalize on conducive atmosphere of investment in Karachi and setup more industrial units here.
In this regard, he said that in line with the Government objective to develop fertilizer industry and achieve self-sufficiency in fertilizer production, NFC in the past had played a remarkable role in the industrial sector of Pakistan by creating conducive and facilitating environment for new fertilizer projects.
Petitioner Sharma said that on November 20, 2017 the court had struck off six paragraphs of his petition as it felt that they were not conducive to harmony in society.
As the National Security Adviser (NSA) Lieutenant General (retd) Nasser Khan Janjua earlier this week criticised the United States and India for opposing the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Beijing believes that the building of the corridor is conducive to promoting connectivity and shared prosperity of the entire region.
KARACHI -- The Governor of Sindh, Mohammad Zubair, has asked the Swiss investors to come up with investment here as a conducive atmosphere prevails following the restoration of law and order.
More so, if you're a student who has to transform the space into a conducive environment for study and play.
Summary: A new legislative initiative that should set up a new legal framework conducive to Start-ups," will be officially launched on Tuesday, April 11 at El Ghazela Technopark, by the Ministry