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But he does so by stressing the importance of love and, more importantly, birth control, rather than the conduciveness of these sexual relations to marriage.
At this point, Smith begins his revised narrative of probing the origins of American religious freedom in deep antiquity, starting with the conduciveness for inclusive tolerance and freedom of Roman paganism (p.
They saw that gold was greater in status (ajallu qadran) with respect to its beautiful luster, the compactness of its parts (talazzuz al-ajza'), its durability when buried for a long period of time, and its conduciveness to repeated castings in fire.
On input side creative productivity is measured on three points: (1) innovative capacity (2) incentives to innovate and (3) conduciveness of environment to innovation.
Epistemic consequentialists maintain that the epistemically right (for example, the justified) is to be understood in terms of conduciveness to the epistemic good (for example, true belief).
The presence and storing of crystal meth in domestic locations (and its conduciveness to online activity) means that it can be integrated relatively easily into everyday personal, domestic and even labor routines; it is not self-limiting like ecstasy.
It holds contemplative retreats representing a wide range of traditions and practices, selected for their conduciveness to personal growth and positive social change.
They could argue that the Military presence in the two provinces should be trimmed but not drastically reduced, as realistically, the environment in the region has not reached a degree of conduciveness and comfort for a drastic reduction of the Military presence.
In 1946, when the United States conducted its first series of atomic tests since World War II, it selected Bikini Atoll for the island's geographical conduciveness to nuclear testing.
Absence of haphazard and conduciveness of everything to an end are to be found in Nature's works in the highest degree, and the resultant end of her generations and combinations is a form of the beautiful.
As those barriers come down, it is increasingly evident that what matters in services trade is not just the removal of discriminatory measures, but the overall openness of the market and the conduciveness of its regulatory environment to doing business there.
The author argues that "structural conduciveness to protests in January 2012 has to be considered in the light of political-institutional pattern of contemporary Romania; main axes of this pattern are strong statism and societal fragmentation amid generalized social distrust" (p.