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CONDUCT, law of nations. This term is used in the phrase safe conduct, to signify the security given, by authority of the government, under the great seal, to a stranger, for his quietly coming into and passing out of the territories over which it has jurisdiction. A safe conduct differs from a passport; the former is given to enemies, the latter to friends or citizens.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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On-site consumer research can be conducted almost anywhere.
The 1992 aldicarb human volunteer (double blind) study was conducted at Inveresk Clinical Laboratories in Edinburgh, Scotland (Wyld et al.
A warrantless search of the apartment, conducted by probation officers in accordance with Wisconsin probation regulations, located a handgun.
'Search operation was conducted in Bahawalpur City and Chani Goth areas where bio-matric of 86 persons was conducted,' he said.
For example, in Pakistan after the 1961 cenus when a post-enumeration survey was conducted, about 6 percent under-count in the population was discovered.
The RQ-4A Global Hawk conducted its first wargame exercise 28 November-8 December 2005, demonstrating the unmanned aircraft's long-range maritime surveillance capabilities.
41(a)(3) purposes, energy research conducted by a consortium must be conducted in the U.S., Puerto Rico or a U.S.
In recent years some have questioned the reliability and credibility of public health and environmental research conducted or funded by the chemical industry, suggesting that industry research is fundamentally conflicted and hence unreliable (Devine 2001; Sass et al.
Just like a security sign on a front lawn, the job posting or application should emphasize that thorough background checks will be conducted. It will discourage some people with a criminal history or those with fabricated experiences from applying, says Heuer, whose department has been conducting background checks for approximately six years.
Training is required to be conducted through "classroom or other effective interactive training." In other words, having a supervisor sit and watch a video with no interaction will likely be insufficient.
Jasmine Peterson, took several measures to ensure the team conducted accident and incident-free operations, to include conducting daily safety briefs, risk assessments for all operations, and ensuring the working environment was safe and all hazards were mitigated.