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CONDUCT, law of nations. This term is used in the phrase safe conduct, to signify the security given, by authority of the government, under the great seal, to a stranger, for his quietly coming into and passing out of the territories over which it has jurisdiction. A safe conduct differs from a passport; the former is given to enemies, the latter to friends or citizens.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Other events include talking sessions for learners, school eisteddfodau,a story and song with Sali Mali,St David's Day supper with guest speaker Rhys Jones, a performance by talented young singer-composer Meinir Gwilym,and a conducted tour of Ruthin's Victorian gaol, which is now a tourist attraction.
Like many, when away from home he would evangelise to business contacts ,especially the doubters; when they came to see him,he would give them a conducted tour pointing up all the positives we had to offer.
A former miner will be giving a conducted tour of the park on Sunday, pointing out the location and workings of the once-thriving pit.
They were also given a conducted tour of the All-England club including the Centre and Number One courts.
MEMBERS of the Warwickshire Local History Group visited Kenilworth Castle when architectural historian Dr Richard Morris took them on a conducted tour.
They were given a conducted tour of the Jaguar plant in Browns Lane, Coventry, and met the mayor of Nuneaton and Bedworth, Diana Hawkes, in the mayor's parlour.
They were given a conducted tour of the factory by Bruno Tafliaferri, the UK sales manager for Triumph, who showed them latest Triumph Bonneville motorcycle.
Spokesman, Alastair Gloag, said there would be two conducted tours of the local castle, tours of the village on a Strawberry Cart, Have a Go archery and a fun pet dog fun show.
During the two weeks of operation, it conducted tours on two routes: One took tourists around the city's historical district while the other went to Tehran's old and modern landmarks.
CONDUCTED tours of an animal sanctuary will show how far a Teesside charity has come in its 20 year existence.
Palestinian sources said that settlers had stormed the compound and conducted tours of the Al-Aqsa yards and facilities, where many Muslim worshippers and students were present, amid heavy restrictions and rigorous procedures imposed by Israeli police stationed at Al-Aqsa's main gates.