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Nerve conduction studies (NCS) and needle electromyography (EMG) are commonly performed by physical medicine and rehabilitation or neurology specialists to assess the ability of the nervous system to conduct electrical impulses and to evaluate nerve/muscle function to determine if neuromuscular disease is present.
5% of the member farmer respondents reported that they participated in land contribution for the field demonstration and site provision for the conduction of Farmer Field School activities, whereas, an overwhelmingly majority (98.
Conclusion: Ischemic heart disease was present in high frequency in patients with chronic conduction disorders and the most common artery involved was right coronary artery.
Dr Kassouma explained that the bone conduction implants uses the body's natural ability to transfer sound.
Dr Kassouma explained that the bone conduction implants use the body's natural ability to transfer sound.
Therefore nerve conduction studies should be carried out for the early detection and management of neuropathy in the diabetic patients.
The researchers hypothesized that the drug lisinopril, an angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor purported to have anti-fibrotic activities, would be associated with a lower risk of conduction disease.
2) Patients suspected CubTS, and examined long segment motor nerve conduction studies (MNCSs) bilaterally.
Patients diagnosed with CTS were classified into the following three groups: mild (decreased sensory conduction velocity and normal MDL), moderate (decreased sensory conduction velocity and prolonged MDL), and severe (no sensory response and prolonged MDL).
The mechanisms underlying BPA's effect on cardiac electrical conduction are unknown.
To diagnose this condition nerve conduction studies with measurement of latency and velocity are commonly used as they are considered to be most sensitive, reliable, objective and non-invasive means.
Regarding electrical characteristics of MPS, current conduction mechanisms of MPS structures has been studied by several researchers due to its importance [1-5, 9]; however, there are limited number of studies which focus on the effect of temperature on the possible current conduction mechanisms of MPS structures with PVA [4, 5].