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AfterShokz brings patented bone conduction technology, initially developed for military special operations and law enforcement by Voxtech in 2001, to sport, mobile and Bluetooth headphones designed and priced for everyday use.
Bisphenol A exposure and cardiac electrical conduction in excised rat hearts.
As can be deduced by the figure and the m values in Table 2, transition point (in terms of bias voltage) from one current conduction mechanism to another is affected by temperature such that higher temperature cause the transition happen at lower bias voltages.
Conduction block that recovers without development of increased temporal dispersion or other demyelinating features.
Swanson and Samani (14) have reported a patient with acute, reversible type II (Wenkebach) heart block due to chloroquine treatment and they have suggested that conduction delay may be due to a related cardiomyopathy and fibrosis affecting the interventricular septum.
To examine the effects of nerve conduction studies in these patients, Dr.
Another common issue regarding catheter stability is the catheter dislodgement due to the AV dissociation occurring after the elimination of AP conduction when RF ablation is being performed during ventricular pacing in some unstable locations (6).
A 1-week follow-up revealed progression of symptoms and worsening of the nerve conduction studies, with loss of the median sensory response on the left side and severe decrease in the motor and sensory amplitudes (Fig.
As heat transfers through the sheetrock, via conduction, the air on the inside surface of this sheetrock begins to absorb the heat from the sheetrock, causing it to rise inside the fiberglass-filled cavity.
Add abnormal nerve conduction to the list of neonatal problems resulting from heavy maternal drinking during pregnancy, according to Dr.