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So it is reasonable to conclude that cold seawater is being conductively heated as it flows through channels bounded by breccias.
This can be done inductively by radiation from the transmitter through both air and soil, or conductively by direct electric connection between the transmitter and an exposed pipe, valve, or hydrant.
For automotive--New high-resilience (HR) foams for cushioning, conductively modified RIM polymers, and a new low-cost, high-speed impact tester for energy-absorbing materials.
Henning Larsen, in his marvellous Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Saudi Government in Riyadh (AR July 1985) set a standard for reinterpretation of traditional Arabic models for a highly sophisticated contemporary function but, partly because of the nature of the client, there was a reliance on air conditioning in the MOFA, which to some extent makes superfluous its deep understanding of the traditional climate controlling mechanisms of Arabic architecture such as the mushrabiyya and the shaded, conductively ventilated alley of the souk.
But this process stops at 80-Myr-old crust, suggesting to some that the crust there is conductively heated and uplifted.
The major objective of this report is to analyze inherently conductive polymers (ICPs) and, to a lesser extent, traditional conductively filled thermoplastics, in terms of their competitive scenario in specific applications.
eta],k] (Fo) determines thermal state change during unsteady evaporation regime for conductively heated water droplets.
Heat is gently transferred to the patient conductively and the temperature is continuously monitored at the interface between the pad and patient's skin.
LazerSkinz impact/pressure sensor vest made with conductively coated fabric; and
Breadboarding A board with many small holes in it that are linked conductively by rows.
Also, in contrast to hot-tool welding, in which the interfaces to be welded are heated conductively by direct contact with a hot-tool, the heating is very localized.
The first conductively modified TPO (thermoplastic olefin) resin for electrostatically painted parts won top honors in the Materials category Ford Visteon used the Dexflex TPO resin for the electrostatically painted front fascia of the 1997 Ford DN101 Sable, and is also using it for the 1998 model year.