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Their best and brightest have made their careers there, as the Ossetian conductor, Valery Gergiev, has today made a world reputation with his conductorship of the Mariinsky Theater of St.
In February 1895, Newman offered Wood conductorship of a permanent orchestra at Queen's Hall, and of the first Proms season.
Since moving to the conductorship of the Berlin Philharmonic, Sir Simon Rattle has been advocating live recording with a vengeance.
Now completing the first decade of his principal conductorship of the LSO, Davis's status as a great Tippett interpreter is beyond question.
Its founder, Clifford Bunford - who has held the conductorship of the choir for 41 years - is calling it a day with the performance of Bach's St John Passion at Llandaff Cathedral on May 10.
For that alone is it, that attracts me to come there," wrote the Mainz musician Felix Volbach when applying for the conductorship at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, in 1894, "namely to bring our rich treasures of our great masters there to the world of the future and help that they conquer the world.
The choir's original membership numbered ten and was under the conductorship of Mr J C Clay.
Meeting once more with Bruno Walter in California, he allowed himself to be persuaded to accept the conductorship at Covent Garden: "The English will love you .