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As previously mentioned, when viewing the exposed distal femur during a TKA procedure, there are three landmark axes to consider: Whitesides line, the femoral transepicondyle axis, and the posterior condylar axis. (9) A surgeon may chose to set femoral rotation by placing the femoral component either perpendicular to Whiteside's line or parallel to the transepicondylar axis.
Computed tomography (CT) scan showed that the tibial tubercle-trochlear groove distance was 22 mm, and the surgical epicondylar axis (SEA) was rotated 7.6[degrees] externally from the posterior condylar axis (PCA) (Figure 1(e)).
The kinematic facebow records the true center of the axis along which the condyles rotate during the hinge movement of the mandible.3,7 The arbitrary face-bow relates the approximate condylar axis to the maxilla.3,6 Use of arbitrary hinge axis is considered sufficiently accurate to create a functional occlusion and prevent occlusal errors particularly when cusped teeth are used in removable complete dentures (RCD).8-11