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CANAL. A trench dug for leading water in a particular direction, and confining it.
     2. Public canals are generally protected by the law which authorizes their being made. Various points have arisen under numerous laws authorizing the construction of canals, which have been decided in cases reported in 1 Yeates, 430; 1 Binn. 70; 1 Pennsyl. 462; 2 Pennsyl. 517; 7 Mass. 169; 1 Sumu. 46; 20 Johns. 103, 735; 2 Johns. 283; 7 John. Ch. 315; 1 Wend. 474; 5 Wend. 166; 8 Wend. 469; 4 Wend. 667; 6 Cowen, 698; 7 Cowen, 526 4 Hamm. 253; 5 Hamm. 141, 391; 6 Hamm. 126; 1 N. H. Rep. 339; See River.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Materials and Methods: A total of 50 dry adult human skulls were used from the Department of Anatomy, ESIC Medical College, Chennai, to study the posterior condylar canal and its variations.
KEY WORDS: Posterior condylar canal, bilateral, unilateral, variation
Anterior part of the occipital condyle presents a canal called as hypoglossal canal or anterior condylar canal, whereas posterior to the occipital condyle, there is a depression known as posterior condylar fossa.