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The verb pergo marks the progress of Lucretius now, as of Venus in the proem; Lucretius may have borrowed from Empedocles, whom he flatters by continual emulation, the trick of taking words to himself as a poet which he also applies to the chief informing agent of the world.(25) The phrase conectere rem suggests a physical coercion of the intellectual matter, and the notion is sustained throughout the second book by such verbs as tango, exsolvere, cogo, discutiant, and pango,(26) most of which can have for their subjects both the poet's logic and the principles of nature, and which there-fore might be said to have been transferred from the material to the mental sphere, were it not that for Lucretius the two spheres are the same.
Caracteristicas: Capacidad de 3 KVA, tiempo de respaldo 5.5 minutos a carga completa y 15 a media carga, distorsion armonica total 3% a plena carga lineal, proteccion contra picos para linea de fax, modem o tarjeta de red mediante dos conecteres RJ11/RJ45 (opcional).