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95) The presentation of false incriminating evidence can lead some to confess, internalize blame, and confabulate details not only for remote past events, but for events that have just happened.
203) To confabulate means to "fill in the details from the imagination in order to make an answer more coherent and complete.
Several meetings of the Commission were held beside a number of meetings to confabulate on certain aspects in the course of inquiry.
The poem's opening section (partially quoted by Haynes above), includes the narrator's magician-style instruction: "Watch my hands / confabulate their shadowed rhetoric" (I).
Linden's book not only presents a fresh, readable explanation of the structure and functioning of the brain but, much like the structure of the brain itself, also shows how the building blocks of the brain have been combined and added upon through evolution to develop into not only the thinking, rational, and complex human brain, but also an organ with a natural tendency to confabulate, creating the processes responsible for dreaming and religious experience.
Attending his poems' processes, Jarrell's mechanics confabulate an exclusive, humanist epistemology as the right and proper domain of being--the preferred norm underlying all forms--even while sustaining desire for all forms preceding, succeeding, and including the human.
Counting of votes will take place on Saturday, and most political leaders are saying that they will confabulate and reveal their respective positions after the results emerge.
The debate recently led to a full fledged one-day seminar organized by Shakeel Ahmad Bakshi, president of the Islamic Students League (ISL) attended by a galaxy of religious scholars, intellectuals and separatist leaders to confabulate on the issue.
Creationists and naive "scientific atheists" like Richard Dawkins often confabulate methodological with metaphysical naturalism in their arguments.
This is where systems of denial come into play, and the criminal thinker will confabulate endlessly to explain away consequences that, if properly processed, would threaten his sense of entitlement and control.
When subjects are asked to explain their actions, they often confabulate, offering "post hoc misattributions" for such behavior, perhaps in efforts to either defend or promote themselves.