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93) 69% of the students signed the confession, 28% had evidence of internalization, and 9% confabulated details to support these false beliefs.
McCarthy's twenty-first-century Frankenstein inhabits and acts out a hyper-reflexive world of 'cool' where money is able to hire an army of networked agents, project managers and special-effects workers specialised in the materialisation of corporate 'vision' as the already confabulated memories viewed as the remaining source of the idea of a soul.
Although she is deprived of any sort of quiet reflection, Elinor discovers not only that Miss Steele has no compunctions about her methods of gathering information, but also that the information she has been relaying so confidently is confabulated and in the main unreliable.
A mindful individual" is sober, awake, and aware of what "the situation affords," meaning the information from the environment is acknowledged as potentially important, and none of it is ignored or confabulated.
But unlike Joseph Kosuth's probing of the relationship between words, concepts, and objects, the labels in Williams's show went beyond semiotics; they confabulated their own (for the most part undecipherable) narratives just as they unpacked public-domain slogans and catchphrases.
Bhabha's term, through her confabulated memory, which reveals "the desire for a reformed, recognizable Other, as a subject of a difference that is almost the same, but not quite" (86).
It was the singular illumination of my sullen youth, the only unyielding source beyond the truthless, confabulated tales of parochial school.
The history may be confabulated, or caregivers may be preparing formula incorrectly, with too much water.
It has long been established that dissociative identity disorder patients have suffered overwhelming experiences, and it has long been established that memory for such experience may be rather full, partial, absent, or disguised in some historically inaccurate confabulated account.
While the Second Independence War put the infant Jewish state at risk, it also led to the mass exodus of the Palestinian refugees, and to the gross distortions of history that the Arabs have since confabulated to excuse their disordered flight.