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In Section 3 we propose an expert system for the automatic segmentation and classification of Mediterranean landscape images, which we will refer to as the cogent confabulation based (CCB) expert system.
They include cognitive and memory problems such as confusion, impaired attention and concentration; difficulty in processing new information, confabulation, apathy, depression and irritability.
As a pathology, it is distinct from a belief based on false or incomplete information, confabulation, dogma, illusion, or other effects of perception.
All fathers (and mothers) of daughters (and sons) should treat themselves to this amazing confabulation of fun and freedom that is not just for kids.
Because the interviews are recorded, the exact words used by the interviewer and by the child can be closely scrutinized for evidence of suggestion, confabulation, or misinterpretation.
Psychological processes in which this happens include confabulation (when alcohol-addled brains invent histories to fill gaps) and false memory syndrome, in which an expert asking leading questions unintentionally prompts a person to create memories that become more detailed and solid over time.
uk Boasting a comedy brain that "leaps from stimulating arguments on to abstract confabulation with lumpy doses of openness, honesty and earnestness", comedian Sara Pascoe will be sharing her romantic history, existential theory and cultural insights during a show which is bound to be a popular draw.
Confabulation, delusion, and anosognia: Motivational factors and false claims.
The world's oldest international contemporary art exhibition, the Venice Biennale, is a sprawling, messy, exciting confabulation, but the sheer size of it--and the number of artists from all corners of the globe who participate--make it a bellwether for trends.
Both organisations under the MoU will jointly commence various ventures of human resource development through seminars, conferences and other avenues of confabulation.
Leaving aside literary considerations, conjecture and confabulation, NEW ZEALAND is--for logologists, at least--a self-solving conundrum: What English-language poem has its title at the bottom, consists of only two words made up of 7 different letters (2 vowels and 5 consonants), ad the first and last (16th) lines of which end in a "Z"?
Such is the nature of Borges's confabulation machine --you might give it a coherent thought, but it will reciprocate with something profoundly confounding.