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A union of states in which each member state retains some independent control over internal and external affairs. Thus, for international purposes, there are separate states, not just one state. A federation, in contrast, is a union of states in which external affairs are controlled by a unified, central government.

CONFEDERATION, government. The name given to that form of government which the American colonies, on shaking off the British yoke, devised for their mutual safety and government.
     2. The articles of confederation, (q.v.) were finally adopted on the 15th of November, 1777, and with the exception of Maryland, which, however, afterwards also agreed to them, were speedily adopted by the United States, and by which they were formed into a federal @bod y, and went into force on the first day of March, 1781; 1 Story Const. Sec. 225; and so remained until the adoption of the present constitution, which acquired the force of the supreme law of the land on the first Wednesday of March, 1789. 5 Wheat. R. 420. Vide Articles of Confederation.

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It chronicles the period of deteriorating English-colonial relations before 1776, compares Dickinson's original draft to the eventually adopted Articles of Confederation, and contrasts the workings of confederal governance during the war years and in peacetime, pointing out the usual flaws.
The three confederal unions organized almost 34,000 assemblies involving a total of 4.1 million rank-and-file workers.
If a company views the problem of non-tariff barriers from a confederal perspective, it can overcome these barriers by pursuing an entry mode strategy or maintaining a presence that is appropriate for each market it enters.
The vote for the Connecticut compromise in July 1787 signified that in order to agree on a constitution it was necessary to bring the confederal state back in, at the expense of unity and power signaling consolidated government in the name of a putative national popular sovereignty.
The difficult part, however, which will require feats of statesmanship of a high order, will be working out a confederal structure to cap any such arrangement and retain a single Canadian citizenship and personality where the outside world is concerned.
"Indeed, as we further progress over the next few years, fundamental reform is essential in ensuring a greater formal role for the devolved administrations within UK decision-making post-Brexit, analogous to that offered by federal or confederal systems of governance."
The choice is between a chaotic breakdown into warlordism or, possibly, a new constitutional arrangement that would create a more decentralized, confederal Iraq."
Part 2 presents documents from the Revolutionary and Confederal periods, from 1774 to 1786.
All in all, Cyprus is waiting and seems ready to accept its new reunified, almost confederal status.
But even if people are unwilling to go that far, there is a screaming case for the constitution of the UK to be restructured onto a federal, quasi -federal or confederal basis.
Par ailleurs, nous avons appris aupres de la cellule de communication de l'instance federale que deux paires d'arbitres prendront part a un stage de passage de grade d'arbitre confederal du 10 au 17 aout a Lome, capitale du Togo.

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